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Methods and directions on how to find works inside or outside of E-Hentai.

General Images

For finding the source of a specific picture there are numerous reverse images search engines to use.

  • E-Hentai File Search
    • Searches E-Hentai's galleries and should always be the first action taken. This is the ideal method for users with an image from the middle of a work who want to find the whole thing.
  • TinEye
    • Good for finding different resolutions of the same image. Does not crawl a lot of adult websites.
  • Yandex
    • Often useful for images that have been cropped.
    • Matches screenshots to anime and animated hentai, also provides the episode number and timestamp.

Doujinshi / Manga Doujinshi.png Manga.png

Remember that uploaders will generally publish new works as soon as they acquire them; if something isn't in the galleries it typically indicates that no one has it. The alternatives are to search very thoroughly on P2P sources or buying the work from a retailer.

  • A search in DoujinshiDB can find more information with which to search the galleries.
  • A gallery may be poorly named; try searching for the title in Japanese as well as Romaji.
  • Searching for the name of the creator(s) gives a list that can be browsed manually.

Artist CG / Game CG Artistcg.png Gamecg.png

If the name of the work is known do a gallery name search first. The gallery may have a misspelled title or be named only in Japanese so use the Japanese name whenever possible.

  • DLsite's English Side uses translated English titles (not romanized) whilst the Japanese DLSite has only Japanese but a larger selection. If the work is available there save the title image and do a E-Hentai File Search for it with similarity scan enabled. Galleries should include such covers for completeness.

Western Western.png

Most western sites do not have reverse image search capabilities but often have tagging and other search parameters.


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