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This is an article about detailed use of the search engine via the browser's address bar. For parent articles, please see E-Hentai Gallery System, Favorites and Gallery Searching.

Using PHP GET parameters

Basic guidelines

  • ? (question mark): Append this after a .php file (index.php is omitted; in this case append directly after the slash) to start declaring arguments, parameters and their respective values.
  • & (ampersand): Must be preceded by ? at the beginning of the declaration. Append this to declare additional arguments/parameters. You must add an ampersand for each new argument or parameter.
  • = (equals): Sets a GET argument/parameter's value if applicable. If omitted, the default value is used.

If arguments are omitted, their default value is used/they are ignored. Some arguments have prerequisites to be meaningful.


The following parameters are crucial for querying.

  • f_search: The search query. Must be URI-compatible.
  • advsearch: Default value is 1. Toggles advanced searching and visibility of the advanced options panel for galleries. 0=disabled, 1=enabled.
  • page: Default value is 0. The zero-indexed page to jump to.

Search types

At least one search type is required. Filters will be ignored if the corresponding search type is omitted.

  • f_sname: Enabled by default. Searches for the f_search query in gallery titles.
  • f_sdesc: Enabled by default. Searches for the f_search query in uploader comments.
  • f_storr: Disabled by default. Searches for the f_search query in torrent filenames.
  • f_stags: Enabled by default. Enables search by tags. Restricted to searchable tags by default.
    • f_sdt1: Ignored by default or if f_sdt2 is set. Also searches for low-power tags.
    • f_sdt2: Ignored by default. Also searches for low-power and downvoted tags.
  • f_sr: Disabled by default. Enables search by rating (2-5).
    • f_srdd: Ignored by default. Minimum gallery rating for results in stars.
  • f_sp: Disabled by default. Enables search by page count (1-2000).
    • f_spf: Ignored by default. Sets the minimum amount of pages required for a gallery to be shown with this query.
    • f_spt: Ignored by default. Sets the maximum amount of pages required for a gallery to be shown with this query.


  • inline_set: Changes the inline display mode.

Accepted values:

  • dm_m: Minimal
  • dm_p: Minimal+
  • dm_l: Compact (default)
  • dm_e: Extended
  • dm_t: Thumbnail


  • f_cats: Filters out categories using binary flags. Substracting the total from 1023 displays the categories instead.

Flag values:

  • 1=Hide misc
  • 2=Hide doujinshi
  • 4=Hide manga
  • 8=Hide artistcg
  • 16=Hide gamecg
  • 32=Hide imageset
  • 64=Hide cosplay
  • 128=Hide asianporn
  • 256=Hide nonh
  • 512=Hide western


Requires the user to specify at least one argument as there is no default argument. If no argument is provided, the query will be ignored and all favorites will be displayed.

  • favcat: Ignored by default (shows all favorites). Accepted values are 0 to 9. If provided, only searches in the specified favorite category.
  • sn: Disabled by default. Searches for gallery titles matching the search query.
  • st: Disabled by default. Searches for searchable gallery tags matching the search query.
  • sf: Disabled by default. Searches for notes matching the search query.

File searching

  • f_shash: Ignored by default. The SHA-1 file hash to search for.
  • fs_from: Ignored by default. The filename of the file that will be used to compare against. You must provide a file for this to work.
  • fs_similar: Default is 1. Toggles similarity search. 0=disabled, 1=enabled.
  • fs_covers: Default is 1. Toggles cover-only search. 0=any file, 1=cover only.
  • fs_exp: Default is 1. Toggles expunged gallery file searching. 0=disabled, 1=enabled.


A valid f_search argument is required for all filters. The following filters are disabled by default.

  • f_sto: Only returns galleries with torrents.
  • f_sh: Shows expunged galleries.
  • f_sfl: Ignores the user's language exclusion settings for this query.
  • f_sfu: Ignores the user's uploader exclusion settings for this query.
  • f_sft: Ignores the user's My Tags exclusion settings for this query.


Those parameters only apply inside of a gallery.

  • hc: Disabled by default. Accepted value is 1. If enabled, shows comments with a score of -50 or less. Clicking the corresponding option at the bottom of the page automatically adds a #comments anchor linking to the comment box. Changing pages will reset this.
    • The #c<comment_id> anchor at the end of the URL will link to the corresponding comment ID. Using @<comment_id> in a comment will perform a comment mention and automatically add the corresponding anchor.
  • longurls: Disabled by default, deprecated. If the longurls cookie is set to any value, uses the original long URLs when linking to a page (includes both width and height of the linked picture).
  • nw: Disabled by default, used when visiting a content warning gallery if the cookie is not set. Accepted values: "session" and "always". Sets the cookie to 1 until the end of the session or for a duration of 1 year.