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The following are acronyms/shorthands often used to refer to various aspects within E-Hentai.

Advice: Use Ctrl + F to find a specific acronym quickly.

10B Tenboro
1H One-Handed Weapon
One-Handed Fighting Style
2H Two-Handed Weapon
Two-Handed Fighting Style
AAB Attack Accuracy Bonus
AB Ability Boost Training
ADB Attack Damage Bonus
AF Arcane Focus Spell
AGI Agility Primary Attribute Bonus
AL Adept Learner Training
AoE Area of Effect
AP Ability Point(s)
Arch Archmage Potency
AS Action Speed
B / Bur Burden
BC of Battlecaster Suffix
BoD Binding of Destruction
BoP Binding of Protection
BoS Binding of Slaughter
But Butcher Potency
BW Bleeding Wound Proc
C Credit(s)
Cap Capacitor Potency
CM Coalesced Mana Proc
CoD Cash on Delivery
CR Crystallized Phazon Rare Material
DEX Dexterity Primary Attribute Bonus
DMM Defense Matrix Modulator Rare Material
DNP Do Not Post
DOT Damage Over Time
DW Dual-Wielding Fighting Style
DwD A Dance With Dragons Arena
A Dance With Dragons
DX De-Expunged
Eco Economizer Potency
ED Energy Drink
Effective Damage
Eternal Darkness Arena
EDB Elemental Damage Bonus
EH / E-H E-Hentai
EHG E-Hentai Galleries
EHP Effective Health Point(s)
EHT EHTracker
Ele Elemental-type Prefixes
Emax / Exmax The maximum value of an attribute on Exquisite Equipment
END Endurance Primary Attribute Bonus
EoD End of Days Arena
Eve of Death Arena
ET Ether Tap Proc
Eth Ethereal Prefix
EW of Earth-Walker Suffix
EXP Experience Point(s)
Exq Exquisite Quality
Fat Fatality Potency
FB Frenzied Blows Skill
FoS Follower of Snowflake Perk
FSM Flying Spaghetti Monster
GF Grindfest
GLT Golden Lottery Ticket
GP Gallery Point(s)
GS Gold Star
GSC Gold Star Club
H Hath
H@H Hentai@Home
Hellfest Grindfest on Hell difficulty
HG High-Grade Material(s)
HGC High-grade Cloth Material
HGL High-grade Leather Material
HGM High-grade Metal Material
HGW High-grade Wood Material
HP Health Point(s)
HS Heartseeker Spell
HV / Hverse HentaiVerse
I / Int Interference
IA Innate Arcana Perk
INT Intelligence Primary Attribute Bonus
IPU Invisible Pink Unicorn
ISB Item Shop Bot
IW Item World
IWBTH I Wanna Be The Hentai Difficulty
Jug Juggernaut Potency
LE Last Elixir
Leg Legendary Quality
LG Low-Grade Material(s)
Lmax The maximum value of an attribute on Legendary Equipment
LotD Luck of the Draw Training
MAB Magic Accuracy Bonus
Mag Magnificent Quality
Mat Material(s)
MDB Magic Damage Bonus
Mit Mitigation
MG Mid-Grade Material(s)
ML Monster Lab
MM MoogleMail
Mmax The maximum value of an attribute on Magnificent Equipment
MMI / MMit Magical Mitigation
MP Mana Point(s)
MPB Magic Proficiency Bonus
MPV Multi-Page Viewer
NS Namespace
OC Overcharge
OFC Orbital Friendship Cannon Skill
PA Penetrated Armor Proc
PAB Primary Attribute Bonus
PB Payback
RE Random Encounter
Pen Penetrator Potency
PFUDOR Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows difficulty
PL Power Level
PM Private Message
PMI / PMit Physical Mitigation
PXP Potency Experience Point(s)
QM Quartermaster Training
RA Repurposed Actuator Rare Material
RL Real Life
RNG Random Number Generator
RoB Ring of Blood
ROI Return on Investment
RP Roleplay (forums, deprecated usage)
realporn (abbreviated in the Expunge Log)
SD of Shadowdancer Suffix
SF Shade Fragment Rare Material
SG Schoolgirl(s)
Smax The maximum value of an attribute on Superior Equipment
SoL Spark of Life Spell
SP Spirit Point(s)
SS Spirit Stance
Spirit Shield Spell
STR Strength Primary Attribute Bonus
SV Shadow Veil Spell
t/s / TpS Turns per Second
T&T / TT Trio and the Tree Arena
Trio and the Tree
ToB Token of Blood
ToS Terms of Service
TT&T / TTT Triple Trio and the Tree Ring of Blood
WIS Wisdom Primary Attribute Bonus
WTB Willing To Buy
WTS Willing To Sell
WTT Willing To Trade