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Prefixes are special characteristics that can be found on all types of equipment. Some prefixes can only occur on certain types of equipment.


Quality has an effect on the stats of the equipment, where higher quality equipment generally has higher stats (and lower interference and burden). Higher quality equipment Item Worlds have more difficult monsters and likewise reward more EXP.

Name PXP At 0 Notes
Crude 103-138
Fair ~139-187
Average ~188-227
  • Never has a prefix.
Superior ~228-282
  • Guaranteed a suffix.
  • Assigned the player's level as soon as it drops.
Exquisite ~277-303
Magnificent ~304-348
  • Base drop chance = 0.0005%
Legendary ~348-399
  • 85-100% of maximum stats (varies on each stat).
  • Guaranteed maximum number of attribute bonuses (actual number depending on type).
  • Base drop chance = 0.00025%
Peerless 368-421
  • Guaranteed all stats maxed (125% of Superior's maximum).
    • Essentially a Legendary with 100% on every stat.
  • Guaranteed a prefix.
  • Base drop chance = 0.0001%

It should be noted that stats generate prefixes, not the other way around (with the exception of Peerless). The quality prefix is based on the average value of all the stats relative to their possible maximum. For a stat that ranges from 5-10, getting 5 is +1 quality while getting 10 is +6 quality. The sum of the quality scores is then divided by the maximum possible quality score to get a quality rating between 0 and 1.[1]

One way to quickly approximate the quality of a particular equipment piece is to observe its PXP at level 0. Quality can then be approximated by:

Quality ≅ (PXP0 - 100) / 250

Weapon Prefixes


  • Have no interference or burden.
  • Do Void damage, which is significantly better than crushing/slashing/piercing on most boss-class or higher monsters.
  • Gives Void Strike effect (same as Elemental Strike except the damage type is void)
    • At level 10 potency such weapons gain a random Elemental Strike (in addition to the existing Void Strike)
  • Still affects monsters having their physical defenses reduced (i.e. Penetrated Armor).


  • Functions the same as weapons affected by infusions through The Forge
    • Gives Elemental Damage Bonus for one of the six magic elements
    • Gives the weapon an Elemental Strike effect (additional damage in that element)
      • At level 10 potency such weapons' damage type changes to Void and gains Void Strike in addition to the existing Elemental Strike
    • Using infusions will give an additional Elemental Strike effect, unless the infusion is the same as the weapon's elemental type
Name Damage Type
Fiery Fire
Arctic Cold
Shocking Elec
Tempestuous Wind
Hallowed Holy
Demonic Dark

Armor Prefixes

Armor Variants Increases
Cloth Charged Casting Speed
Frugal Mana Conservation
Radiant Magic Damage (Phase only)
Mystic Spell Critical Damage [Multiplier?] (Phase only)
Light Agile Attack Speed
Reinforced Crushing/Slashing/Piercing Mitigation (Leather only)
Savage Attack Critical Damage Multiplier (Shade only)
Heavy Shielding Block (Plate only)
Mithril -20% Burden (applies on equip roll)
Savage Attack Critical Damage Multiplier (Power only)
Shield Agile Attack Speed (Buckler and Kite Shields only)
Reinforced Crushing/Slashing/Piercing Mitigation (Buckler and Kite Shields only)
Mithril -20% Burden (applies on equip roll; Buckler and Kite Shields only)
All Ruby Fire Resistance
Cobalt Cold Resistance
Amber Elec Resistance
Jade Wind Resistance
Zircon Holy Resistance
Onyx Dark Resistance


Equipment with the quality grade of "Superior" or higher have a chance to drop with a prefix.

Quality Chance
Superior 10%
Exquisite 25%
Magnificent 50%
Legendary 100%
Peerless 100%

If a prefix roll is successful:

  • Weapons have a 30% for Ethereal and 10% for each type of elemental prefix.
  • Armor has an equal chance for all applicable prefixes.

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