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The Gallery Point Exchange is an exchange system for the E-Hentai Galleries in which users can place buy and sell orders on GP for Credits in real-time. It can be accessed through My Home.

Point.png Note: ALL bots are forbidden. Offenders will be banned.


To buy or sell GP, users put in the desired number in the correct column as well as the minimum they're willing to accept (for selling) or the maximum they're willing to pay (for buying). All GP is handled by the thousand (kGP). Depending on existing asks and bids in the system, a transaction may be executed immediately, or put up as a new Ask or Bid. When transactions are matched, it will use the lowest available Asks for each transaction instead of the bidding price.

As long as a transaction hasn't been executed, users can modify existing Asks and Bids, or withdraw them by putting in a count of 0.

When users place a bid or ask, the GP or credits are NOT reserved for the transaction. However, if users have less than necessary if and when the transaction is executed, it will be partially filled (as much as can be afforded at the time) and then removed.

Users can see the 20 highest Bids (buyers) and 20 lowest Asks (sellers) available, as well as the last 20 transactions made. The 8-hour and 24-hour high, low and average, as well as the total volume are also listed.


Price Floor

A minimum Bid of 100C per kGP is always available and no Ask may be lower than 100C/kGP, effectively guaranteeing the minimum value of GP at 0.1C each.

Bid Size

  • Bids are capped at 100,000k GP but multiple bids of that size can be made.


  • A 1% transaction cost is deducted from the credits that are returned to the seller.


Point.png Users should not refresh the page after using any buy/sell function or else their browser may repeat that last operation (which also includes another transaction fee being charged). Click on the link at the top or manually re-visit the URL instead.

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