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The Archive System is the primary means of downloading galleries. It allows registered users to download archived copies of galleries in .ZIP format for a fee of either GP or Credits.

How to Use

In a gallery click on the "Archive Download" link on the top right of the page. A browser window will pop-up with the user's current GP total (or credits if not enough GP are available), the size of the gallery, and the cost of the gallery. Upon fee deduction the window automatically refreshes providing a download prompt where the download is available. The use of download managers is permitted to some extent (see Limits).

Requesting an archive download


  • The base amount is calculated from the total filesize at a rate of 20 GP per MiB. This is the same for resampled archives whose images are resized to 1280x.
    • The sizes of resampled files that have not been created yet are estimated, and may be off by a significant amount.[1]
  • The cost for donators is reduced to 15 GP per MiB.
  • Recreated archives (those that have not been downloaded by anyone for 30+ days and therefore require repacking by the server) have an at least x2 multiplier on their cost.[2]
  • For H@H downloader, the rate is fixed at 20 GP per MiB, but will not be subjected to the recreated archives penalty.

Free Archives

  • Donators and users with more recent awards receive a weekly quota of free archives.
    • This uses a sliding window of 1 week (168 hours); it does not reset to 0 at the start of the week.
  • H@H clients earn 1 GB/day + 10 MB/day per adjusted average hit.
  • Each active Adopt-A-Server slot grants 7 GB/week.
  • Does not apply to recreated archives.


There is an option to re-download an archive for up to 1 week from when the fee was deducted (up to a reasonable limit). Galleries can be re-downloaded by returning to their respective pages and clicking the download link again.


Zip files will use the title of the gallery based on the user's settings (English or Japanese).

The filenames for the archived files are subject to the following automatic adjustments:

  • If any duplicate filenames are present a prefix will be added in order to differentiate those images from each other.
  • As of 2013 the numerical order of the files will be added. (e.g. something001.jpg -> 01_something001.jpg, 00.jpg -> 01_00.jpg, etc.)
    • This does not occur if the filename already begins with a 2-4 digit number (with leading zeroes) followed by an underscore.


  • Archive links will expire on their own after a week.
  • Up to two /24 IP ranges per archive link are allowed to prevent link sharing[3]. Anything over this will require the user to wait for the link to expire.
  • Up to 4 simultaneous streams may be used while downloading.

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