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Karma is a means to send message to other users at no cost. This system does not affect user accounts in ANY way.

Karma Imbuements

In order to imbue someone with Karma, click on a Karma link (usually in the user's signature), use the +K link next to their level on their forum profile, or manually enter a Karma URL with their User ID. After penalties are applied, the final result is rounded to the nearest integer. Each time a user imbues someone with Karma, their Karma will temporarily be drained. Karma regenerates at a rate of 0.5% per minute and will never drop below 1.


  • Karma messages are limited to 250 characters. Extra characters will be silently dropped.
  • New users are unable to imbue Karma until they have posted. They must also post at least once to receive Karma.
  • The maximum base amount of Karma that may be imbued is 1000, regardless of a user's maximum Karma.
  • Users may only imbue the same person with Karma once every 72 hours.
  • Repeated imbues between the same users will hurt both of them. Whenever a user imbues someone, 1 level of Karmic Exhaustion is added to both sides. Exhaustion starts at 15% and reduces imbued Karma by 3% per level down to a minimum of 1%.
    • This wears off over time; on its own every 30 days and actively through imbues made within a reasonable time frame.
  • Users cannot imbue someone if their post count did not change since their last imbuement on them.

How To Make A K+ Link

To make a Karma link which allows imbues the following can be added to a forum signature:

  • Replace {USER} with a numeric forum ID (found by clicking the username in a post or by users clicking their own name at the top next to the "Logged in as" text). For example, the Karma link for Snowflake would use the URL https://e-hentai.org/dmspublic/karma.php?u=5&k=p
  • Replace {TEXT} with whatever text is desired (e.g. K+, Thank You!)

The URL itself may also be used in a browser to imbue another user for contributions that were made outside of the forum. The thread column for that imbue will then remain empty on the user's Karma log.

See also

  • Karma Log - Displays who has imbued Karma and the comments they have left.