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Expunging allows users to remove galleries from the default listing and searches. This is typically done because of duplicate or replaced content.

How To

Expunging a gallery is handled via a petitioning system. Each gallery has a "Petition to Expunge" link on the right side above the images. Any user with mod power 5 or above may start a gallery expunge. Otherwise, this forum thread can be used to ask for an expunge to be created on your behalf.

The "Petition to Expunge" link will replace the gallery's image section with a list of reasons a gallery can be expunged. An explanation for the expunge must be provided in the input boxes by the user who files an expunge petition, and in most cases an URL of the valid gallery should be provided.

Once a petition is created, subsequent users with a mod power of at least 2 may vote for or against the petition. These subsequent votes do not require a reason for voting, but one may be optionally provided. Votes for the petition add to the petition score, votes against reduce the score. A user's mod power will determine how much their vote will contribute (capped at 30; 40 for base bonus users).

In order for the gallery to be expunged a petition must reach a score of 100 and then remain there for 15 minutes, once that happens the petition becomes ACTIVE and the gallery is expunged. A petition may have a score above 100, protecting it from 'against' votes for the required period of 15 minutes.

A gallery may have multiple independent petitions active at the same time. In the event that one petition becomes ACTIVE all other petitions on the gallery are deleted.

Petitions left incomplete for more than 7 days are automatically cleared.

Appeal an Incorrect Expunge

In the event an expunge was carried out incorrectly, the expunge can be appealed. Within the first 7 days of the expunge any user with 10 or more mod power can create an appeal petition. Only veto holders may create an appeal after this time.

Similar to expunge petitions, users may vote for or against an appeal with an optional comment. If the appeal petition surpasses a sum of votes of 100 or more for 15 minutes the expunge will be revoked and the gallery will be restored.

After a successful expunge appeal only veto holders may start a further expunge petition on that gallery.

Users who participated in the original expunge petition may not participate in voting on an appeal petition, aside from creating them if they realize it was incorrect.

Before Expunging

Make sure the gallery is "Visible"; this status is indicated on the left-hand side of the gallery.

Reverting and Splitting

Reversion should be requested when an uploader solely removes legitimate content from a gallery. Please do not expunge these galleries.

  • Reverted galleries will be locked for updating to prevent further sabotaging.

Gallery chain split should be requested when an uploader overwrites a gallery with other irrelevant content, assuming that both iterations can be considered as valid galleries on their own.

  • The split gallery will not have any ratings, favorites, comments, or torrents, but will retain tags with 10 or more power from the original chain by default.
    • Point.png You must specify in your report if the tags from the original chain should not be copied to the split gallery.
  • Both the original and split gallery will be locked for updating.

To submit a reversion/split request:

  • Step 1: Visit the version of the gallery to be reverted back to (not the inferior version).
  • Step 2: Press "Report Gallery" and scroll down.
  • Step 3: Select the "Reversion/Split/Undisown Request" option from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 4: Put in your e-mail address.
  • Step 5: Type "Revert" / "Split *Gallery IDs* " and briefly state why the gallery should be reverted/split in the "Report Details" box.
  • Step 6: Send the report.

While not mandatory, you are encouraged to document your reversion/split requests over this thread. Notifying the community will help to prevent redundant requests from being submitted.

Reasons To Expunge

Already Uploaded

This gallery is a duplicate of equal or lower quality of an earlier posted gallery.

This explanation requires a link to the superior / previously uploaded gallery.

  • An exact duplicate already exists.
  • A superior version already exists (see below).
  • Bad-faith rewrite or translation of existing content to add extremist or politically charged content.(Ref)
    • A link to the original work without third-party textual edits or redrawing must be provided.
    • Point.png This type of expungable content is never reportable. Misusing the report function may lead to a ban.
  • The gallery is a reupload of a work that has previously been removed by the administration.

Tag: already uploaded

  • The gallery is a compilation of works not permitted together:
    • Images from official sets (such as a comics, tankoubons, or CG sets) should not be substantially included in other collections of images.
    • Combinations of chapters from multiple tankoubons are not permitted, although related chapters from multiple anthologies are.
    • Multiple language translations should not be combined in a single gallery.
    • Point.png The compiled content must exist in separate galleries before it can be expunged. If the number of galleries is too much to list out in the expunge reason, a comment linking to the existing galleries is highly recommended.

Tag: compilation


A newer higher-quality and clearly marked copy of this gallery has been uploaded.

This explanation requires a link to the superior gallery.

  • A superior version now exists which makes the current gallery inferior. (See below)

Tag: replaced

  • A gallery composed of watermarked reproductions advertising a website unrelated to the content's creation, scanning, or translation. To be expunged and tagged as replaced only when a non-watermarked gallery exists to replace it.

Tag: watermarked, replaced


This gallery contains either illicit content like child porn or anything else forbidden by the Terms of Service, or otherwise falls under the Expunge Guidelines (specify below).

  • Anything indexed on the Do Not Post list.
    • Point.png Any content not included in this list should not be expunged for this reason. If the gallery has previously been removed by the administration, but not listed on the Do Not Post list, expunge the reupload as already uploaded.
    • Point.png Minor instances should not be expunged but instead reported with the image numbers included in the report.(Ref)
    • Content published by Wani Magazine does not apply (but may qualify as already uploaded). For a list of known Wani tankoubons that are no longer acceptable see Tankoubon DNP.
  • Any real person that cannot be verified as being 18+ years of age.
  • Real guro, extreme BDSM, bestiality or anything else considered "obscene" by law.
  • Mainstream commercial manga, especially non-h (e.g., serialized manga like: Detective Canon, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, One Piece, etc)
  • Anything that does not fit with the theme of the site (e.g. memes, photos of real places/objects, etc.)
  • Galleries that are primarily face swaps of existing content.
    • For this expunge to be valid, the original non face swapped gallery must be uploaded, unless said gallery would be expungeable.
      • If the original work is valid content but not uploaded, the first face swap gallery is treated as the original, but is replaced by the original should it get uploaded after.
    • When it is infeasible to determine the original, i.e. in ai generated galleries, the first gallery uploaded is considered as the original.
  • Bad-faith irrelevant original content with extremist or politically charged content.(Ref)
    • Point.png This type of expungable content is never reportable. Misusing the report function may lead to a ban.
  • Having less than 8 images (unless it is a sample / complete work / ongoing story/set).
  • Incomplete sample/preview galleries that are clearly primarily intended to drive traffic to an external source. This usually only applies if the content is censored or cuts off but includes a link to where to get/buy the uncensored/complete content, either as an image or in the comments.
    • Is NOT generally applicable for galleries that include references to external content. For example, Pixiv dumps that include preview content for Fanbox and similar.
  • Anything listed on the Spam Prevention List.

Tag: forbidden content

  • Non-cosplay porn or pictures of real people.
    • If the image(s) are a genuine part of the work (e.g. real porn ads inside of anthologies) they are exempt.
    • Reference images included with the resulting work in the same gallery are exempt. (example)
    • Other real porn images should not be posted, neither separately nor mixed with drawn images.
      • A gallery that contains at least 10 real porn images or where they make up at least 10% of the gallery may be expunged.
    • Asian Porn uploaded before 2012-02-15 (if otherwise considered acceptable) is exempt.(Ref)
  • Generic cosplay (any cosplay not of an established character or series). Few exceptions exist.
  • Any images featuring underage models are strictly banned and should be immediately reported.

Tag: realporn


Content has been defaced by adding content-obstructing scanmarks, censorship or advertisements beyond what is present in the original artist release, or has been intentionally degraded to the point where legibility is an issue.

  • Point.png A mod power of at least 20 is required to start this type of expunge petition.
  • "Degraded" includes any sort of intentional bad-faith sabotage of the core content, including but not limited to excessive downsampling, blurring, pixelation etc, as well as leaving out core content.
    • Scanmarks that do not obstruct content or promotional pages added after the content pages do not qualify.
    • Low-resolution scans uploaded before 2022-04-28 are exempt.
  • Text added by a third party that is typeset in a way not common for the works language for a significant number of pages, or otherwise made to be intentionally hard to read. For example, vertical text on an English translated gallery.
    • This applies to fonts unreadable to most in the translated language, such as dingbat fonts, etc.
    • This may also apply to font so small that it is effectively unreadable.
  • If you are unsure whether a gallery qualifies for this expunge category or not, please make an inquiry here.
    • For reference, a list of valid and invalid cases can be found here.

Tag: defaced

Expunge Reason Priority

If a gallery fulfills the criteria for multiple expunge categories simultaneously (e.g. a re-uploaded DNP), a single petition must be filed with the first applicable reason based on this order:

Priority Expunge Type
1 Forbidden Content
2 Already Uploaded
3 Replaced
4 Defaced

Superior Versions

The most common type of superiority is the amount of content a gallery contains. There are 4 classifications of content:

Class Includes Desirability
Core Content
  • Any story images.
  • Variant CG (with both character(s) and a background present).
  • Colophons, omake, and original credit pages.
  • Cover pages (included within the set > official promotional website > online stores). Only 1 source is needed in the set.
  • Translator credit pages. Only 1 is needed per translation group (even if team members change from chapter to chapter).
  • Any advertisements included in the original work.
Always. A gallery missing any core content can be replaced by one that has more/all of it.
Extraneous Content
  • CG set backgrounds or character portraits.
  • Credit pages that are not part of the work besides those for translators (e.g. credits from the scanners, colorizers, or decensors).
  • Any smaller resolution versions of existing images.
  • Any additions to a translated gallery not included in the translator's release, even if the release is incomplete.
  • Sketches or otherwise unfinished pages to an ongoing work.
Can be included but cannot replace an existing gallery with all of its core content.
  • Blank pages or pages that are effectively blank.
  • Split versions of double pages that are already included. The same applies to book spines.
  • Any "uncleaned" versions of images that are already cleaned and included.
Not at all, but do not make a gallery expungable.
Undesirable Content
  • Cropped versions of existing images not included in the original work.
  • Logos, banners, or advertisements that are not included in the original release.
Not at all. If the gallery is a digital release without third-party tempering (i.e. digital RAW) and was published more than 7 days ago, this makes it replaceable with the one without.

The following factors also make a gallery superior to other versions:

  • Corrected Order
    • Front cover placement.
    • For non-covers this only applies to stories or other instances where image order actually matters.
  • Better Quality
    • Images should be as released by the source. Conversions, retouching, leveling, splitting double-pages into singles, or removing original source watermarks are NOT permitted.
    • This includes cleaner scans, no watermarks/scanmarks, increased legibility of text, no folding marks, less artifacts, more visible contrast, etc.
    • Maximum DPI is 300; anything greater is considered excessive.
    • Single page scans are preferred over double-page scans.
    • A fully complete gallery may replace an incomplete one of superior image quality; however, if both galleries are incomplete in different ways then they both stay.(Ref)
  • Larger Resolution
    • Upscales do NOT qualify.
  • Duplicate Images Removed
  • Updated Translations
    • The edits must have been done by the same translator(s).

Uploader Priority

Priority Uploader
1 Original artist posting their own art
  • Followed by the writer
2 Translator posting their own translation
  • Followed by the cleaner/editor
  • Followed by any other member of the group that worked on the project
  • Followed by any other known member of the group
3 Commissioner of the art or translation (proof required)
  • Bounty posters do not qualify as commissioners
4 Everyone else
  • Priority 1-2 galleries can only be replaced if the new gallery is from the same user (or another member of the same translation team).
  • A priority 2 upload cannot be replaced by a reupload from the artist (i.e., priority 1). For such scenarios, both galleries should co-exist.

Different Versions

All versions of the following may exist simultaneously:

  • Translated and Raw versions
  • Rewrites
  • Translations by different translators
  • Different censorships
  • Colored and Uncolored versions
  • Uncensored and Censored versions
  • Paper scans and Digital versions
  • Imagesets of any theme, if uploaded by a different user. There is no such thing as a "more complete" collection in this regard.
    • New imagesets being identical to already posted imagesets can still be expunged.(Ref)

Bad Reasons To Expunge

Bad Reason Explanation / Proper Action
Gallery contains lolicon, shotacon, toddlercon, incest, abortion, guro, or scat content Tag appropriately and move on. This also applies to anything else one might find "unappealing" or "offensive".
Miscategorized Tag with the correct category to help change it.
Gallery is non-pornographic Tag appropriately (non-h, western non-h, or non-nude).
Incorrect Name Make or request a rename petition.
Incomplete / Sample An incomplete/sample gallery may only be replacement expunged by a more complete gallery.
Torrent A gallery's torrents (or lack thereof) are not relevant to the gallery itself. The EHTracker has a separate expunging system.
Themeless Galleries with no central theme are permitted.
Rewrite / Redraw Rewrites and redraws are permitted.
AI Generated Galleries with AI generated content (e.g. NovelAI, Stable Diffusion) are permitted. Might qualify for the [AI Generated]/[AI生成] special indicator.
Mistagged Post the incorrect tags here.
Deletion Attempts (e.g. Replacing a gallery with a white page) Request for a reversion instead.
Excessive Updates Report as "Excessive Updates" and request to have the gallery locked for updates instead. Some exceptions exist. In cases of severe bumping, especially when aimed at attempting to dodge a community expunge, please report here and a moderator will block the gallery from further updates.
Uploader / User Request Uploaders do not have claim to their galleries once published, they may disown them if they wish to remove association. Copyright claims may only be done by their respective owners via the report function. Misrepresenting copyright ownership will lead to a permanent ban.


The following are the correct actions for underage content:

Type Actions
Tag With Expunge Report Alert
Drawn lolicon / shotacon / toddlercon X X
Realistic 3D & AI Generated art lolicon / shotacon / toddlercon X
Real children (regardless of nudity or sexuality) realporn Post here to alert moderators.

Gallery Visibility

If a gallery is "Visible" to at least 1 user (besides Tenboro) it is counted as existing in the system and thus any re-uploads should be expunged.

Effects of Expunging

  • Expunged galleries cease earning any GP. Galleries expunged within 4 hours of their publishing receive no GP at all.
  • Expunged galleries become unsearchable by default and require the advanced search option "Browse Expunged Galleries".


Expunging galleries (as well as renaming them) rewards points for the Cleanup Toplist. Users receive more points for being the first to petition.

Point.png Repeated poor use of expunge petitions may result in the user being banned from using them further.


  • Expunge petition on protected galleries, such as those that have previously been de-expunged, can only be started by gallery moderators.

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