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  • When providing expunge reasons, please keep them clear and short. Anything beyond 255 characters will automatically be truncated.
  • Priority 4 uploads are strictly first-come first-serve.
  • It is an optional courtesy to inform an uploader via PM if they have made a mistake that can be easily corrected (e.g. dupe files, missing cover, out of order) and allow them time to fix the gallery themselves.
  • Only 1 credit page per translation group is needed per gallery (or however many images the group(s) typically include). Repeating credit pages for individual chapters (e.g. handled by different assorted team members) are considered Extraneous content.
  • Redraws and rewrites are not protected under [Ongoing] status and can be expunged for having too few images.
  • Variant sets qualify as loose images unless sold as a set or contain a story. Excessive inclusion of numerous variant sets may be considered a compilation.
  • For galleries whose updates solely removed valid content please submit a reversion. If valid content was simultaneously added during such updates the gallery may be subject to replacement expunging by another uploader.
  • Intentionally withholding images in order to create or bump an "ongoing" gallery is not permitted.
  • Mixing digital and scanned images for a single work is not permitted except in unusual circumstances. Translators are exempt from this but are encouraged to use a consistent source of "raw" images.

Expunge Tracker

  • When searching with a UserID the listing will go back up to 90 days.
  • Pending expunge and appeal petitions will expire after 7 days of inactivity.

Generic Cosplay Exceptions

Certain original characters have been explicitly granted an exception from the ruling. Please do not expunge these cases as generic cosplay. Note that exceptions are given on a rare, case-by-case basis, and do not serve as a support for the other cases to be excepted as well.

Original Character Author Exception Log Note
c:luna a:yd granted here
c:kinako a:shimahara here
c:eviltia a:satou kuuki granted here
c:guitar meimei hitomio16 tag approval
p:elf mura Vertex tag approval
mataro's nurse a:mataro here