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Infidelity Flowchart.png
  • Description: There is a friendly/familiar or reciprocal relationship between A and B, and B has sex with a third party C. A is aware and consents to it, and may even actively instigate the activity.
  • Notes: A reciprocal relationship does not require reciprocal romance. Examples are childhood friends, personal friends, classmates, or work colleagues.
Requires story elements showing the relationship between A and B, where they either are in a romantic partnership, or have a sexual relationship, or A has a romantic interest for B. B being given away by A must be a notable part of the story.
If A and B are in a romantic partnership, and B is not coerced or raped, then swinging also qualifies.
  • Gender: The gender of B determines if the tag is placed in the female or male namespace.
  • Japanese: 寝取らせ
  • Slave Tags: FemaleMale