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Acceptable AI Creator Tags

When determining the validity of an AI creator tag, namespacers are advised to only approve requests where a sufficient level of effort can be found in the AI generated work. This is mostly to prevent excessive workload being placed on namespacers.

Examples of effortful AI generated works include, but are not limited to:

  • The presence of panels/speech bubbles. Effortful attempts to format the work into a story.
  • Using AI as a reference, then drawing/painting over it with their own art.
  • A preliminary sketch made in 3D or by hand, then finalized/enhanced with the use of AI.
    • This must be obvious to a casual observer.

More broadly, namespacers may approve on a case-by-case basis, an AI creator tag on a work that has a level of effort that is greater than generating an image through txt2img only.

  • Cropping/resizing would not qualify.
  • The effort has to be obvious to a casual observer, which will usually disqualify controlnets, img2img, inpaint, and various other AI tools/scripts, as they are rarely obvious that they have been used.

The following by themselves are almost always never considered to be an effortful AI generated work for namespacing purposes:

  • AI coloring.
  • AI decensoring.
  • AI redrawing of other people's art (when known).

Already approved AI creator tags DO NOT count as justification to namespace other AI tags, be it for the same or any other reason. Their creation or rejection is entirely at a tag namespacer's discretion.