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The Character menu containing various functions for the character in the HentaiVerse mini-game.


Controls a player's set of abilities, equipment, and quickbar slots/auto-casts. Can be renamed or cloned. A player begins with 3 persona slots. Additional slots can be obtained via training.


Shows all of the character's stats and allows for their primary attributes to be adjusted. Holding down Shift before clicking the +/- buttons adjusts by 10 at a time while holding down Ctrl adjusts by 100.

  • Primary stats in brown are those gained from EXP (can be reassigned).
  • Primary stats in gray are those gained from equipment.
  • Primary stats in red are those gained from artifacts (permanent).


Allows for the adorning or removal of equipment from the character and the changing of equipment sets. Changing equipment sets also changes quickbar, battle inventory, and ability setups.


Allows players to invest Ability and Mastery Points into various slots for granting or improving spells, improvements to weapon and armor usage, health point boosts, magic point boosts, etc.


Allows players to spend credits to improve various aspects such as drop rates and inventory slots.

Item Inventory

Allows players to view all items and assign them to their battle inventory.

Items set in the right-side column will be available in battle. Each slot must take a different item. Items will restock themselves in combat automatically as long as enough inventory exists. A player begins with 5 item slots, 1 scroll slot, and 1 infusion slot. Additional slots can be obtained via training.

Types Max Slots Turn
Anything (including Restorative Items & Special Items) 15 40
Scrolls 6 40
Infusions 6 40

Note that receiving any scrolls/infusions as loot during combat does NOT count them as being in a player's inventory if the player has already run out during combat.

Equip Inventory

Allows players to view all of their equipment pieces at once.

There's also an equipment counter which shows the current number of equipments in a player's inventory (max 1,000). This cap can be effectively increased via the Hoarder Hath Perks.


Allows players to adjust difficulty, title, font, trophy upgrades, quickbar slots, auto-cast, and auto sell/salvage settings.


The default font has been reported to cause poor interactions with certain scripts; in these cases one may want to try a custom font.

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