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Note: Due to the seasonal nature of Isekai, HentaiVerse EHWiki pages may regularly be out of date. To help expedite the updating of HentaiVerse EHWiki pages, please report in this thread or to a HentaiVerse Section Moderator

Isekai is the seasonal, competitive mode of the HentaiVerse, mainly used for testing new features before they are introduced in main mode. Unlike the main mode (Persistent) which lasts indefinitely, Isekai is reset every 6 months. In HV0.90, the season lasts way longer, but on July 8th 2023 it was announced that the seasons will return to 6 months, starting & ending around the Spring and Autumn Equinox.


  • From September 2023, Isekai runs in half-year seasons, starting on Spring and Autumn Equinox ( March 19th-21st and September 22nd-23rd).
  • All players start at level 0 and with no equipment or items. They may start with up to one million ISK carried over from the previous season. Shrine value (for the Follower of Snowflake Hath Perk) also carries over from the previous season.
  • Isekai uses its own currency (ISK), which is only used within HV Isekai. Usual bonuses the Player may receive in persistent is disabled, or enabled to everyone equally
  • Isekai is accessed through the mode selector found on the far right of the navigation bar on all HentaiVerse out of battle pages.
  • The primary goal of Isekai is competitive, competing in The Tower to reach the highest floor. Rewards vary by Season

Isekai Season

  • From the start of each season until the end of that month, there is an "Early Bird" period where equipment drop rates are increased from x2 to x5.
  • During the last month of the season, Isekai will enter the "Last Spurt" mode. While in this mode, the Player can make two attempts at The Tower per day, increased from one. Adding attachments to MoogleMail is disabled during last spurt, detaching items sent before last spurt is still enabled. In HV0.90 season, there is no Last Spurt and it may well be that the Last Spurt mode won't return in future seasons.


  • At the end of the season, the players current ISK balance as well as the total ISK Bazaar sell value of owned items and equipment will be added together. The first one million ISK will be transferred to the next Isekai season. The remainder will be transferred as actual credits to Persistent.
  • Any soulbound equipment, peerless Vouchers, and all peerless equipment the Player acquires in Isekai will transfer over to Persistent at the end of the season. Tradeable peerless equipment will become Soulbound so in the process. All upgrades and potencies will be lost.
  • The Player may gain a permanent bonuses to all Primary Attributes depending on the level of floor reached.
    • Reaching Floor 30 grants +1
    • Reaching Floor 40 grants +2
    • Reaching Floor 50 grants +3
  • Players reaching (not necessarily clearing) Floor 100, or Top 20 if less than 20 people reach Floor 100, will receive a Peerless Voucher in Persistent.
  • Each Floor reached (provided you clear at least one floor) will grant a temporary 0.1% damage bonus in Persistent, this bonus is capped at 10% since HV0.90. The bonus lasts from the time the Persistent update goes live until the end of the current season.
    • Example: Reaching floor 50 will grant a temporary 5.0% damage bonus (0.1% x 50).

Notable Differences

Notable differences to persistent include:


  • ISK and Hath cannot be attached.
  • Attaching items and equipment is only available for donators, of at least bronze star.
    • Non-donators can still receive MoogleMails.
  • There is an uncapped 10% fee on the total CoD. Half of this (capped to 1000 ISK) is paid up-front, and the rest is deducted when the receiver accepts and pays.


The Player has all of the following trainings at max level, all others are disabled.

  • Scholar of War.
  • Tincture.
  • Pack Rat.
  • Scavenger.
  • Quartermaster.
  • Luck of the Draw.
  • Archaeologist.
    • This is 300% rather than the normal 100%.
  • Ability Boost.
    • Maxed to the current level of the Player, and add +1 Ability Point per level.
  • Manifest Destiny.
    • Maxed to the current level of the Player, and add +1 Mastery Point per 50 levels.

Hath Perks

The Player has the following Hath Perks, all others are disabled.

  • Follower of Snowflake.
  • Innate arcana V.
  • Hoarder V.


  • Artifact and Collectible drops are replaced with high-grade and rare upgrade materials at a rate of 80/20.
  • Salvaging returns 3 low-grade materials for Superior, and 2 mid-grade materials for Exquisite.
  • Forge upgrades do not require bindings.


  • Special events like the Easter Event and the Loot & Harvest Festival are not available in Isekai.
  • Training, the Item Bot, the Lottery and the Monster Lab are not available.
  • Monsters are copied over from Persistent at the start of each season. Monsters retain all their Crystal upgrades and Chaos Token upgrades, but does not retain the name of the Trainer. Monster food, chaos tokens and crystals do not drop. Monster wins are not recorded.
  • There are no stamina recovery items, so play will be limited by the available stamina.
    • Stamina drain on Isekai is increased to 0.04 per round with stamina below 60, and 0.06 per round with 60 or more stamina.
    • Stamina still recovers naturally at 1 per hour.
  • The regular equipment inventory is limited to 200, but 1000 storage slots are available.
  • Titles, title bonuses and title skills are disabled.
  • Item World potency gain is higher. Nightmare and up has three times the gain compared to Persistent, while Normal and Hard have the same gain as Nightmare.
  • SoulFusing cost is halved.
  • Legendary Bosses have half their ordinary HP.
  • Donator bonuses, trainings, hath perks and toplist bonuses except any listed above do not apply.
  • The EXP bonus on Isekai starts at 0% and increases by 20% for every tower floor reached, though you need to clear at least one floor to gain a bonus.

Additional Rules

  • Feeding accounts ISK by using the CoD function is not allowed. It is only to be used for straight-up trading of Isekai items/equipment for ISK.
  • Gathering ISK from other accounts to have it converted to credits after the end of the season is not allowed.
  • Distributing ISK to other accounts to have it transferred to the next Isekai season is not allowed.
  • Cross-trading HV Persistent items, equipment and currencies for Isekai items and equipment is allowed, but not for ISK as it would violate the rules above.
    • Note: There is no system in place to support this kind of trade.
  • Warning: Breaking any of the above rules may get the offenders disqualified from the current and/or future season's rankings, and/or permanently blocked from sending Isekai attachments.
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