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The Lotteries allow HentaiVerse players daily chances to win valuable prizes by betting GP.


Every day a new weapon (or shield) and armor of Peerless quality are generated and put up as the grand prizes for two separate draws; the two draws are offset from each other by 12 hours. At 0:00 UTC (for weapon) and 12:00 UTC (for armor) five tickets are randomly picked as winners.


Players can only win one prize per drawing regardless of how many tickets they hold.

Rank Prize
1st Weapon/Armor
2nd Golden Lottery Ticket(s)
3rd Caffeinated Candies
4th Chaos Token(s)
5th Chaos Token(s)

Any equipment won will become soulfused and locked. Such equipment cannot be traded or sold. Players may opt out of winning the grand prize by clicking on the Do Not Want link (cannot be revoked). The player may still win the grand prize even after clicking on Do Not Want, but it instead yields the cores that would have been granted from salvaging the grand prize, plus one.

  • Note: The grand prize consists of the equipment, and the cores. Both can be won by different Players, winning the cores does not prevent another Player from winning the equipment, and vice versa. A single Player may not win both in a single lottery.
  • The Player is unable to win the cores without clicking Do Not Want.

The 2nd through 5th place prizes scale with the size of the betting pool, all capped at a 500,000 pool.

Prize Cap
Golden Lottery Tickets 10
Caffeinated Candies 50
Chaos Tokens 500
Chaos Tokens 500


Players may buy tickets for the lotteries at 1,000 GP each. Players may bet up to 20,000 tickets per lottery drawing. Betting closes 1-10 minutes before the drawing occurs.

Players that do not want the equipment can choose "Do Not Want" and be excluded from winning the equipment, but may still win the cores the equipment would generate if salvaged, plus 1. Selecting "Do Not Want" cannot be reversed.

Golden Lottery Ticket

Golden tickets can be used on lotteries to automatically add 100 tickets to a player's bet at no cost and double their effective ticket count (this effect cannot exceed 10% of the total pool). This effect is not visible as it triggers at the time of drawing.

  • Golden tickets cannot be traded/sold.
  • A player using a golden ticket should not purchase more than 19,900 regular tickets or the extra 100 will be effectively wasted.


There is no notification for winning. After the winners are drawn their names are recorded into the lottery logs and the prizes are inserted into their inventories.

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