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Item World (also known as IW) is one of the battle modes in the HentaiVerse mini-game.

Item World is a multi-round battle that places players against common foes in order to get a PXP (Potency Experience) to any not equipped equipment with credits penalty.


  • Rounds: 10 - 100 (see below).
  • Monsters: Random amount per round but tends to rise as the round counter increases.
  • Monster damage increases by 1% per round.
  • Credits Bonus (Penalty): 1/4x.
  • EXP Bonus: 1x - 1.284x (see below).
  • Stamina: Consumed entirely upfront rather than per round.


  • Gives a certain amount of PXP (Potency Experience) towards increasing the potency of the equipment.

Item Potency

Potency Experience

Player got 176 PXP and unlocked new potency.

Clearing an Item World earns PXP (Potency Experience). When equipment has enough PXP, its Potency Level (Tier) will increase by 1 and equipment will got certain improvements, named Potency, which will increase innate equipment's stats or provide brand new.

All equipment starts at Potency Level (Tier) 0, and can be leveled up to Potency Level (Tier) 10. At Level 10 an equipment piece ceases to gain PXP and no longer shows up in the Item World.

Fleeing or being defeated in an Item World does not grant any PXP; only clearing all rounds grants PXP for the item. As well players cannot gain any PXP if they are at "exhausted" stamina.

The amount of PXP required for the next Potency Level (Tier) is displayed next to the equipment's "Potency Tier:" text string and increases as the item gains new level. Formula for exact amount of PXP player will gain upon completing Item world is:

PXP gain = roundup(Item round count * PXP modifier)

Difficulty PXP modifier for
un-soulfused equipment
PXP modifier for
soulfused equipment
Normal x2 x4
Hard x2 x4
Nightmare x4 x8
Hell x7 x14
Nintendo x10 x20
IWBTH x15 x30
PFUDOR x20 x40


Potencies unlocked when equipment earns enough PXP (Potency Experience) for clearing Item World battle mode. They may increase current equipment's stats, or provide absolutely new. These additional stats cannot be further upgraded in the forge. Potency Level (Tier) will increase by 1 as well.

One equipment may have only three different potencies, maximum level of a single potency may be five. Elemental strikes on weapons ignore this cap.

Additional levels of potency are more likely to level up existing ones rather than give new ones (50% chance when you have one, 75% when you have two).

Example of Level 4 Equipment with three potencies: Swift Strike Lv.1, Fatality Lv.2, Overpower Lv.1.

Player can get any potency to any equipment, with few exceptions:

  • Staff with "of focus" suffix cannot get Economizer potency.
  • Any armor with a mitigation prefix (Ruby, Cobalt, Amber, Jade, Zircon, Onyx) cannot gain the elemental mitigation ('-proof') potency that matches its prefix. (e.g. Ruby cannot gain Fireproof.)

Gained Potencies can be reset by reforging in the forge. This requires Amnesia Shards equal to the equipment's Item Potency level. Players can only keep all the existing potencies or forfeit all of them. Amount of required shards to reforging may be decreased via Dark Descent Hath Perk.

Example of Renamed Level 10 Equipment with two potencies: Coldproof Lv.5 and Windproof Lv.5.
Class Name Potency modified Boost Weapon Shield Armor
Melee Staff
Coldproof Cold 4.00% X X
Darkproof Dark 4.00% X X
Elecproof Elec 4.00% X X
Fireproof Fire 4.00% X X
Holyproof Holy 4.00% X X
Windproof Wind 4.00% X X
Capacitor Bonus MP 2.00% X
Juggernaut Bonus HP 2.00% X
Butcher Bonus Weapon Damage ~2.00% X
Fatality Attack Crit Damage 2.00% X
Overpower Counter-Parry 4.00% X
Swift Strike Attack Speed 1.92% X
Annihilator Spell Crit Damage 2.00% X
Archmage Bonus Magic Damage ~2.00% X
Economizer Mana Conservation 5.00% X
Penetrator Counter-Resist 4.00% X
Spellweaver Casting Speed 1.4675% X

Weapon Level 10 Only

Player get Potency Level 10 on his weapon and got Cold Strike Potency. Also note, that this weapon attack twice, thanks to Void Stike + Cold Strike.

At Potency Level (Tier) 10 a weapon will always get a special potency based on what kind of weapon it is.

Weapons with ethereal prefix will get a random Elemental Strike potency from the chart below.

  • Weapons with Elemental Strike potency will attack twice in a single turn.
  • This does not turn a weapon into a true Elemental Weapon (as a true elemental weapon also has Elemental Damage Bonus to boost spell damage).

All other weapons will get Hollowforged potency which converts its damage type from Crushing/Slashing/Piercing to Void.

Level 10 weapon has two different strikes and this means this weapon will do two different attack on a single enemy during one turn.

Class Name Addition
Cold Strike Adds Cold damage
Dark Strike Adds Dark damage
Elec Strike Adds Elec damage
Fire Strike Adds Fire damage
Holy Strike Adds Holy damage
Wind Strike Adds Wind damage
Special Hollowforged Damage Type converts to Void, adds Void Strike


At Level 10 an equipment piece may be renamed freely. Player can rename their equipment by visiting upgrade page in Forge tab.

Restrictions and rules are:

  • 50 characters maximum allowed.
  • The original name of the equipment will always be preserved, and will be displayed on the equipment popup below the custom name.
  • Player can remove a custom name by renaming to blank or the same as the original name.
  • Attaching equipment to a MoogleMail will automatically remove the custom name.

Formulae for PXP

PXP(x) = PXP(1) * (1 + PXP(1)/1000)^(x-1)

Note that PXP(x) is the amount of PXP required to advance from level (x-1) to level x.

The amount of PXP required to advance from level 0 to level n is as follows:

Total PXP needed = 1000*((1+PXP(1)/1000)^n - 1)


An Item World has rounds based on the equipment's quality. It can be approximated by:

Number of Item World Rounds = 75 * ((PXP0 - 100) / 250)^3

PXP0 is the amount of PXP required at level 0.


The strength of the monsters and EXP gains depend on the quality of the item. Mostly, higher-quality equipment have significantly harder mobs than a low-quality one. Gained Experience points can be approximated by:

EXP Gains in IW = Non-IW_EXP * (PXP0 - 100) * 0.004

  • Player can find PXP0 near "Potency Tier:0" text string (only available before equipment got any Potency).
  • Non-IW_EXP means a regular basic experience player usually from killing monsters.

See also

  • Battles - Information about how battles operate.
  • Riddlemaster - May happens before any rounds.
  • The Forge - Another method to acquire Potency Experience.
  • Reforge - Removes already earned Potencies.
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