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The Shrine allows players to make offerings to the goddess Snowflake in order to receive various blessings in return.

Players can repeat the last action taken by pressing Spacebar (including equipment choice).


Artifacts grant various rewards when exchanged. Each artifact is of equivalent value. The type of reward is chosen at random.


Precursor Artifacts are dropped from monsters during battle. Other types of unique artifacts are dropped during the yearly Easter Event.

Artifact Rewards


The chance for receiving stat bonuses starts around 10% and decreases the closer the player is to the stat bonus cap for their level. For players at the stat bonus cap:

Reward Estimated
Hath 20%
Last Elixirs 10%
Flower Vase 10%
Bubble-Gum 10%
Chaos Token 10%
Crystals 40%


Give the player a roll on the equipment loot table. Players can choose between the seven major types of equipment (1-Handed, 2-Handed, Staffs, Shield, Cloth armor, Light armor, and Heavy armor).

  • The rarity of the trophy determines how large the bonus to the equipment roll is. However, all types of trophies have the same chance to get a Peerless equipment.
  • The coupon items from the monthly Toplists operate in the same manner as dropped trophies.
  • The system tracks the total value of trophies (in credits) handed in after 2014-09-27 as part of the Follower of Snowflake hath perk (players must highlight a trophy in order to view this amount whilst at the shrine). This is due to the perk essentially working retroactively.

Upgrading Trophies

Trophies can be upgraded up to tier 5. Upgrading requires additional trophies:

No. of trophies required to upgrade
Starting Tier Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
2 x4 x8 x32
3 x2 x8
4 x4

The shrine value of trophies when upgraded is dependent on the target tier

  • Upgrading to tier 3 multiplies trophy value by 1.1.
  • Upgrading to tier 4 multiplies trophy value by 1.2.
  • Upgrading to tier 5 multiplies trophy value by 1.3.
Shrine value per trophy
Trophy Tier Shrine Value =>T3 =>T4 =>T5
2 1000 1100 1200 1300
3 2000 2400 2600
4 4000 5200
5 5000
6 5000
7+ Varies


  • 8x Tier 2 trophies turned in without upgrading:
    • Output: 8 x Tier 2 rolled equipment pieces.
    • Shrine value: 8 x 1000 = 8000 shrine value.
  • 8x Tier 2 trophies upgraded to Tier 4:
    • Output: 1 x Tier 4 rolled equipment piece.
    • Shrine value: 8 x 1200 = 9600 shrine value.


Grants the player 1 binding and 1-3 high grade base materials per figurine shrined. The reward is chosen at random.

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