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Please do not PM the producers of these scripts for updates, especially after HV patch releases.

  • For the best performance and full compatibility in Hentaiverse, use the Custom Font Engine (Hentaiverse Menu: Character -> Settings).


These are third-party scripts. There are no guarantees they will work for every system or be updated promptly.

Name Description Source Last updated

Forums and Galleries

Color coding Color code and simplified BBCode. [1] N/A
Favorites Thumbnail View Gives a thumbnail view for the Favorites page [2] EHG 0.28
Forum Style (CSS) Hides the forum header and collapses posts. [3] / [4] N/A
User Comment Flags Flags/unflags user comments to hide them. [5] EHG 0.28
Kill New Removes the "New" icon from the galleries. [6] EHG 0.301
Gallery Size Shows the image count for the galleries in list view. [7] EHG 0.28
Joe's E-H Classic Changes gallery layout back to its non-mobile friendly design. [8] EHG 0.307


General Interface

HV 界面汉化 Translate the HentaiVerse interface to Chinese [9] HV 0.80
HV dark Custom CSS userstyle. [10] HV 0.76
HV Ability Screen Resize A little script to resize the ability page to remove the inner scroll bars. [11]
Fix MoogleMail Fixes a position bug when using MoogleMail. [12] HV 0.76
Inline Difficulty Changer Enable user to change the difficulty in the stats bar. [HV 0.85] [HV 0.84] [Original Version] HV 0.85
Inline Equipment Changer Enable user to change equipment from all HV pages (including equipment pop-up). It also re-update HV Equip Comparison data [13] HV 0.78
HV Conditioner Displays the condition in equipment page. Right-click the equipment to repair. [14] HV 0.82


Hentaiverse Monsterbation All-purpose hovering script. For both melees and mages, with a bunch of extra functions [15] HV 0.85
HVSTAT ( Package of combat alerts, combat log adjustments, and statistical tracking. [16] HV 0.81
HV - Minor Additions (STAT Slim) Provides various combat alerts without statistical tracking. [17] HV 0.78
Mousemelee Attack monsters when the mouse hover over them. [18] HV 0.76
Bettermelee Similar to mousemelee, but the user needs to point at the monster and press 'A'. [19] HV 0.76
HoverPlay Similar to mousemelee and SpellSpam (can either spam spells or melee-attack) but with click-hoverable icons which appear at left top near monsters to rebuff expiring buffs, heal when low on hp, use potion when low on mp\sp, use spirit stance when full, use gems etc 01.06.2014 HV 0.80
SpellSpam Bind different Attack/Skill/Spell to numkey, clicks, and hover. Support Rotation/Multicast. Eg: Cast Cure, Full-Cure, Heroic Health Potion, Spark of Life with right click, or Merciful Blow, Vital Strike, Shield Bash, Attack with hover (mousemelee-like). Support condition check (HP,MP,SP,OC,SS and BuffName) Press Shift+ alpha key (A...Z) to save a profile to a key. Press an alpha key to load the assigned profile and open tooltip. Hold Ctr/Alt to temporarily disable the script without having to open the tooltip, Shift to disable hover. [20] HV 0.80
QuickBar 2 Adds a second quickbar (Chrome only). [21] (Maybe broken)
Multiple QuickBar Adds multiple quickbars. Also works in Firefox. [22]
HV Cooldown Show the current cooldown of skills and spells on the quickbar. [23] HV 0.80
Extended Confirms Replaces the default battle confirms with some detailed ones. [24]
Gems Displays an icon at right top corner after a power-up gem drops in the battle. [25] fixed
HV Random Encounter Notification Tracks when the next Random Encounter/Dawn of a New Day is due. [Most latest with new URL] [LagProof one for HV 0.80] [Latest] [Old]
[16:9 old format fix]
[Another old]
HV 0.84
Skill Script Lets you use '+' to use the best skills. Open the file with a text editor to change the key input. [26] HV 0.76
Keybinds Changes the default Hotkeys. [27] HV 0.77
Riddle Limiter 1.2.0 RiddleLimiter makes the choices clickable. 1 click to answer your Riddle Master! Pressing 1,2,3 can also answer the riddle. Play Music during riddle.

music + press twice press twice press once

HV 0.80
NoPopup Automatically dismisses the "You are Victorious" popup. [28] HV 0.76
HV Monster Letters to Numbers (CSS) Replaces the monster letters to numbers. Works faster than script versions. [29] HV 0.76
HV Monster Sensor Changes the color of certain monster names to alert the player of their presence. [30] HV 0.76

Items & Equipment

HentaiVerse Equipment Comparison Allows to compare pieces of equipment.
  • Hover over an item (so the stats popup shows up) and press:
    • Q to compare it against the one equipped on the matching slot
    • W to show base values (scaled to level 0)
    • E to compare base values
    • R to compare the non-IW, non-forge base values against the one equipped on the matching slot
    • T to show non-IW, non-forge base values (scaled to level 0)
    • P to open EHWiki Equipment Range page and highlight relevant row.
[0.84] [31]


HV 0.84
HV Item Manager
  • Text based filtering with regular expressions/boolean conditional support
  • Multiple selection for items and equipment
  • Multi repair/salvage/reforge/sell/moogle/shrine/COD/lock/unlock
  • Customisable moogle
  • Item list generator to post on forum
  • accessible in the moogle, inventory, shop and forge pages
1.5.0 HV 0.82
Percentile Ranges Show the percentiles of equipment stats in L range [0.85] [0.84] HV 0.85
HV Equip Scaling Calc Scales any equipment's stats to any level (not a standalone add-on). [32] HV 0.75
Magic Scores Calculates the scores (relative to the equipped set) for all 7 magic damage types and prints the results in the statistics pane (below Damage Mitigations). [33] HV 0.76
Track Drops Tracks and display drops by clicking on the stamina logo. [34] HV 0.77
Item Menu Adds a middle-click menu to all equipment for fast access to various commands. [35] HV 0.78
HV Shop Filter plus Filters equipment list in equipment shop using presets, highlights equipment, supports multiselection for batch salvage/sell. Uses programmable filtering functions based on equipment properties to allow fine tuning. [36] HV 0.80


Bazaar Highlights Highlights rare equipment at the Bazaar. [37] HV 0.76
Item Shop Highlights Highlights rare Forge materials at the Item Shop. [38] HV 0.68
Player's Equipment Highlights Highlights different types of player's equipment at the Forge, Inventory and Equipment Selection screens for easier orientation. [39]


Monster Lab

Smart Monster Lab Revamps the Monster Lab interface. Shows various information of the monsters on the index page and allows quick interactions with the monsters within the same page. The interface can be sorted, filtered, and modified to the user's preference. [40] HV 0.83
Monster Lab Interface Monster sorting, wins/kills since last check, timer, crystals/tokens required for next upgrade, etc. [41] [fixed] HV 0.76
Monster Lab Babysitter Helps feeding monsters.
  • G to set (max_Crystals_cost_per_Upgrade) max amount of Crystals to spend for Morale.
  • F to feed/cheer all monsters.
[42] HV 0.76

Shrine/Forge Helper

Equipment Menu Provides links to Upgrade, Enchant, and Salvage. [43]
Shriner - Helper hotkey to "make offering", reward is already selected by default [44]
Shrine Counter Shows how many trophies and artifacts you currently possess when you visit the shrine. [45] HV 0.70
Salvage Filter Allows you to hide all Superior (or lesser) items and locked items in the forge page. [46] HV 0.76
No Pony Hides figurines so that will not be accidentally used at the shrine or sold. [47] HV 0.75
Forge Infusion Hotkey Hotkey for forge infusion. [48] HV 0.76
Multi-Shriner Enable user to shrine multiple artifacts/trophies. [49] HV 0.76

WTS/WTB shop helper

HV Shop System Extended and improved version of Equipment Shop Helper. [50] HV 0.75
HV Mini Shop Helper Helps players to generate equip links and tagging prices. [51] HV 0.76
Auction Countdown Timer Generate an image of a countdown timer that can be easily added to an auction thread. [52] HV 0.85
Smart Search Adds advanced search to your forum page [53] HV 0.84

Making Scripts & Tools

Players are free to make new scripts for purposes such as making modifications and additions to the UI or changing key mappings and controls in general.

Forbidden Actions

Point.png Any script used to do ANY of the following inside the HentaiVerse is strictly forbidden. Offenders will be banned.

  • Any automation or semi-automation of gameplay beyond a single "action".
    • Anything that automates actions without direct player input.
  • Any parsing of live data to decide on actions.
  • Anything that has the function of picking a target automatically, regardless of the actual method.
    • Anything that interprets the page in any way to pick a target or action.

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