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  • Browsers may require script managing plugins.

Please do not PM the producers of these scripts for updates, especially after HV patch releases.

  • For the best performance and full compatibility in Hentaiverse, use the Custom Font Engine (Hentaiverse Menu: Character -> Settings).


These are third-party scripts. There are no guarantees they will work for every system or be updated promptly.

Name Description Source Last updated

Forums and Galleries

Color coding Color code and simplified BBCode. [1] N/A
Favorites Thumbnail View Gives a thumbnail view for the Favorites page [2] EHG 0.28
Forum Style (CSS) Hides the forum header and collapses posts. [3] / [4] N/A
User Comment Flags Flags/unflags user comments to hide them. [5] EHG 0.28
Kill New Removes the "New" icon from the galleries. [6] EHG 0.301
Gallery Size Shows the image count for the galleries in list view. [7] EHG 0.28
Joe's E-H Classic Changes gallery layout back to its non-mobile friendly design. [8] EHG 0.307


   Some of these scripts are composed of other smaller ones: this means there is no need to install the below-mentioned ones. These are still listed for users who don't want to use the comprehensive versions.

General Interface

HV dark theme Custom CSS userstyle. v1.1 HV 0.86
boulay's CSS A collection of CSS userstyles to mod your HV interface in many ways. various HV 0.86
HV Chinese Translation Offers user a Chinese interface (both traditional and simplified). 2017-09-07 HV 0.86


Monsterbation All-purpose hovering script. For melees and mages, with a bunch of extra functions. Includes: v1.2.2.2 HV 0.86
Riddle Limiter Plus: makes RiddleMaster choices clickable. v1.2.1 HV 0.85
Confirmer: alerts when using Energy Drink or Flee. v0.4 HV 0.85
HVSTAT Package of combat alerts, combat log adjustments, and statistical tracking. v5.7.0 HV 0.86
Battle Stats EX Another tool for statistical tracking. v1.5 HV 0.86
HVRed Adds a RE Timer on forum and galleries v1.0.2 HV 0.86

Items & Equipment

HV Toolbox All-purpose tool to organize your shop, MoogleMail and Shrine. Includes: v1.0.3 HV 0.86
Percentile Ranges: shows the percentile quality of equipment stats (referred to L range). v1.2.1 HV 0.85
Shop Cleaner: cleans up Item and Equipment Shop. v0.2 HV 0.85
RE Same Tab: prevents RE links from opening a new window. v1.0 HV 0.85
Equip Highlighter: adds colored formatting to your equip lists. v1.0.1 HV 0.85
Unshrinable Figurines: prevents you from shrining figurines. v1.2 HV 0.86
Inline Difficulty Changer: enable user to change the difficulty in the stats bar. 2017-06-24 HV 0.86
Random Encounter Timer: tracks when the next Random Encounter/Dawn of a New Day is due. v1.3.4.6 HV 0.85
Track Drops Tracks and display drops by clicking on the stamina logo. 2017-06-25 HV 0.86
Easy Shop Helps you manage your shop, with graphic layouts. Alpha+3 HV 0.86
Forge Optimizers A set of Excel spreadsheets to predict the rolls of your stats when forged. v1.2.0 HV 0.86
Smart Search Adds advanced search to your forum page. v1.3.1 HV 0.86
Mage Score Calculates magic score for a gear. v2.0.3.2 HV 0.86
Last IW Allows you to quickly recall the last IW done. v1.6 HV 0.86
HV Hightlight Equipment Adds colored formatting to your equip lists. 2017-9-10 HV 0.86
Sort Organizes your items by date. v0.82.5 HV 0.86

Monster Lab

CrunkJuice Adds numbers on mobs, searches monster database and more. Includes: v1.2.0 HV 0.86
Monster Lab numbers: displays Morale and Hunger values on Monster Lab v1.2 HV 0.85
Smart Monster Lab Revamps the Monster Lab interface. Shows various information of the monsters and allows quick interactions with the monsters within the same page. Interface can be sorted, filtered, and modified to the user's preference. v2.0.13c HV 0.86

Making Scripts & Tools

Players are free to make new scripts for purposes such as making modifications and additions to the UI or changing key mappings and controls in general.

Forbidden Actions

Point.png Any script used to do ANY of the following inside the HentaiVerse is strictly forbidden. Offenders will be banned.

  • Any automation or semi-automation of gameplay beyond a single "action".
    • Anything that automates actions without direct player input.
  • Any parsing of live data to decide on actions.
  • Anything that has the function of picking a target automatically, regardless of the actual method.
    • Anything that interprets the page in any way to pick a target or action.

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