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The following is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to the Hentaiverse mini-game.

If you cannot find the answer here or in other pages, additional game mechanic questions can be asked here. For character building advice, ask here.


What is the best/fastest/easiest way to get credits?
Non-HentaiVerse: The best way will always be by donating or running H@H. Uploading high quality galleries and converting Gallery Points to credits is the next best method. Any talents in image editing or translating can be useful for claiming bounties.
HentaiVerse: The most efficient method is by playing the Arena battle mode. There are some other things one can do to improve credit gains including training Scavenger, Quartermaster, Archaeologist and selling any found artifacts or rare equipment to other players.
Why does the HentaiVerse exist?
"Boredom" - Tenboro, July 2014
Does the game contain any hentai/adult material?
No; at most there is some NSFW language due to custom monster naming and abilities.
What do all these acronyms mean?
Check here.
Is the game free-to-play?
Yes; there are benefits to donating but no game content is pay-exclusive.
Are there any limits on how much the game can be played?
Players are only limited by their Stamina. There are also drop limits when playing on lower difficulties for a multitude of rounds.

Monster Lab

Can my monsters fight with me in battle?
How do I know if my monster is active?
If it's at/above Power Level 25 then it's active. Note that at low PL it is very unlikely to score any kills.
Do monsters have the stats that players have?
Yes, but they work slightly differently.
What happens if I don't feed my monster?
Its morale will drain faster.
What happens if my monster loses all morale?
It will stop bringing gifts.


How do I get crystals?
Enemies drop crystals as they do with other items. Artifacts can also grant 1,000 of a random crystal type as part of their random reward.
Is there any way to increase crystal gains?
Scavenger training will increase loot drop chance which will increase crystal gains. The Crystarium Hath Perks and HV difficulty setting boosts the number received when they drop. Fighting in the Grindfest battle mode for a high number of rounds also gives a drop multiplier.
Is there any way to increase drops of any specific crystal(s)?
Is there any way to turn off crystal drops?
Do crystals have any use other than upgrading monsters?

Primary Attributes

Is there any way to predict how much experience future levels of an attribute will cost?
Simple answer: No. Complicated answer: Yes.
What does [Insert Stat Here] do?
Check here.
Why are my stats slowly going down?
Your equipment likely needs repairs.


I can spend ability points on abilities related to a spell, does this mean I have the spell?
No. Abilities are unlocked purely by level whilst spells are unlocked by either level and/or proficiency.


I found a named artifact, is there any difference between it and Precursor Artifact?
Is there any way to choose the reward given by the Shrine for artifacts?


What are the advantages of playing on harder difficulties? What are the disadvantages of playing on lower difficulties?
Experience, credits, and the quality of item/equipment drops are dependent on the difficulty (higher difficulties grant more while lower difficulties grant less). Drop rates are unaffected.
  • Difficulty also affects the maximum power level of monsters a player is going to face.
  • If you are doing an Item World, difficulty affects the number of levels the equipment will gain upon completion.


Can weapon proc chance increase as the player increases in level?
Can proc duration/effect increase as the player increases in level?

Item World

What happens upon completion of an Item World?
Depending on the difficulty and number of rounds cleared, the piece of equipment gains potency. This gives / increases stats that the equipment doesn't already have (besides ones added via Item World).
What effect does the quality of the equipment entered have on the Item World?
There are variables determined by equipment quality:
  • Enemy Difficulty - The quality of the equipment has a substantive effect on enemy difficulty. Enemies in a Crude piece of equipment are significantly easier than those in a Magnificent piece.
  • Experience Gains - Experience gained in Item Worlds indirectly corresponds with equipment quality. Each piece of equipment has its own Item World experience value. While equipment of a lower quality can have a higher value than those of higher quality, higher quality equipment generally have higher experience rewards.
  • Item Potency - The number of rounds proportionate with the item's quality.
  • There is some debate, but drop rates might be affected by the quality of the piece of equipment entered.


Is there any way to increase proficiency gains?
Overall: Only through training Assimilator.
However, you can deliberately make battles last longer by using up mana on 'useless' spells or hitting an enemy with high physical defense instead of using spells. This gives you more proficiency gains for the given number of battles.


How do I get tokens?
Tokens are granted as a reward for beating arenas and rarely dropped by enemies.
Is there any way to increase Token drop rates?
Yes, through hath perk Tokenizer. The Arena Token Bonus also increases as you complete higher Arena challenges.
Is there any way to transfer Tokens to another player?
Is it possible to sell Tokens?
Is it possible to exchange Tokens of one type for another?


Is there any way to reduce training costs?
Does training Quartermaster reduce your chance of getting items/artifacts? Does training Archaeologist reduce your chance of getting equipment/other items?
Technically yes, but the reduction is infinitesimally small.

Luck of the Draw

Does it have any effect on equipment granted by the Shrine?
Does it increase the drop rates of Phase, Shade, or other special equipment types?
Does it have any effect on equipment suffixes?

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