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The spell damage formula is as follows:

Spell Damage = magic_base_damage * spell_damage_bonus * damage_range * spell_modifier * (1 + hath_bonus) * (1 + tower_bonus) * (1 + crit_mod) * (1 + arcane_focus_mod) * (1 + channel_mod)
Factor Description
magic_base_damage Magic damage from all sources, including attributes, equipment and abilities.
spell_damage_bonus Spell damage bonus of the spell's element. Commonly referred to as 'EDB'.
damage_range Random roll between 0.8 and 1.2
spell_modifier Individual spells have individual modifiers (see table below)
hath_bonus 10-50% from the "Dæmon Duality" Hath Perk series
tower_bonus 0.1% per Tower floor cleared in the previous season of isekai (Persistent only)
crit_mod Critical damage bonus (if critical hit) - 50% base, plus equipment bonuses
arcane_focus_mod 25% bonus if Arcane Focus is active
channel_mod 50% bonus if Channeling is active
Spell mod table
Spell Base 1 AP 2 AP 3 AP 4 AP 5 AP
Elemental T1 4 4.1 4.15 4.2 4.23 4.25
Elemental T2 5.5 5.63 5.71 5.78 5.82 5.85
Elemental T3 7 7.15 7.25 7.35 7.42 7.5
Holy T1 4.5
Holy T2 6
Holy T3 7.5
Dark T1 4.5
Dark T2 6
Dark T3 7.5
Explosion (note1) 0.73
Ripened Soul (note2) 0.2
  • (Note 1) Damage range for Explosions is 0.5-1.5 instead of 0.8-1.2, and they can not crit
  • (Note 2) These procs do the same damage no matter the target, ignoring specific and magical resistances.

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