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The following are beneficial status effects for monsters.

Arena Challenge - The Trio and The Tree

Abilities Absorb.png Absorbing Ward: The next magical attack against the target has a chance to be absorbed and partially converted to MP.

  • Cast on the 3 goddesses throughout the battle as long as Yggdrasil is alive.

trio furyofthesisters.png Fury of the Sisters: The destruction of the world tree has infuriated the three sisters, increasing their hit and crit chances.

  • Cast on the remaining goddesses after Yggdrasil is defeated.

trio skuld.png Lamentations of the Future: The destruction of the future has increased the attack power of her sisters.

  • Cast on the remaining goddesses after Skuld is defeated.

trio urd.png Screams of the Past: The destruction of the past has increased the defensive power of her sisters.

  • Cast on the remaining goddesses after Urd is defeated.

trio verdandi.png Wailings of the Present: The destruction of the present has increased the attack speed of her sisters.

  • Cast on the remaining goddesses after Verdandi is defeated.

Arena Challenge - A Dance With Dragons

  • All 3 dragons have an invisible passive buff that makes them have high resist chance. MagNet is strongly recommended when fighting them.

Ring of Blood Challenge - Triple Trio & The Tree

All procs apply to all monsters despite their tooltips (e.g. All monsters benefit from Absorbing Ward if Yggdrasil is alive, even non-Goddesses).

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