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The Ring of Blood interface.

The Ring of Blood (also known as RoB) is one of the battle modes in the HentaiVerse. It is a single-round battle that places the player against powerful foes.


  • Guaranteed equipment drop upon completing any challenge (quality depends on difficulty and selected challenge).
  • High chance for a Token drop (depends on challenge).
  • The first time rewards a significant credit bonus. Subsequent clears always reward 1,000.


Each challenge:

  • Requires the appropriate amount of Tokens of Blood.
  • Has a level requirement.
  • May only be attempted once after each Dawn of a New Day, regardless of success or failure.
    • Challenges started before the Dawn but cleared afterwards are counted towards the previous day and do not enter cooldown.

Ring of Blood Challenges

Challenge Min. Level Token Cost 1st Clear Bonus Bonus Token Drop Chance Composition
Konata 50 1 25,000 C 50% Konata + Manbearpig
Mikuru Asahina 75 2 50%? Mikuru Asahina + White Bunneh
Ryouko Asakura 50%? Ryouko Asakura + Mithra
Yuki Nagato 50%? Yuki Nagato + Dalek
Real Life 100 3 50,000 C 70% Real Life + Konata
Invisible Pink Unicorn 150 100,000 C 80% Invisible Pink Unicorn + (Random Schoolgirl besides Konata)
Flying Spaghetti Monster 200 5 150,000 C 100% Flying Spaghetti Monster + Ryouko Asakura + Mikuru Asahina + Yuki Nagato
Triple Trio And The Tree 250 10 200,000 C 100% Goddess Trio + The 3 Dragons + Real Life + Invisible Pink Unicorn + Flying Spaghetti Monster

See also

  • Battles - Information about how battles operate.
  • Tokens of Blood - Required to start any Ring of Blood challenge.
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