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Hotkey Function Notes
During Combat
F1 - F12 Use Item
  • Use items in slots 1-12, where F1 corresponds to Item Slot 1.
  • Slots 13-15 currently have no hotkeys.
1 - 0 Target Monster
  • 1 corresponds to Monster A and 0 to Monster J.
  • Default behavior is Attack.
  • Both the home row and number pad keys will work.
Q Select Attack command
W Select Skillbook command

Repeated presses will toggle between the Skills and Spells panes.

S Toggle Spirit Stance
R Recast last Spell/Skill

Will recast the previously cast spell or skill on the previously selected target (or on the player if a supportive spell was cast).

  • If the previous target is dead, it will open the Skill/Spells menu and select the previously cast spell/skill, but not cast it.
  • If no spell/skill was cast, will have same effect as selecting the Skillbook command.
  • Recast works even if the player has done other actions in between.
G (or P) Use Powerup Gem
E Select Items command
D Defend command
F Focus command
⇧Shift + F1 - F12 Use Scroll

Use a Scroll in a Scroll Slot, where F1 corresponds to Scroll Slot 1.

Alt + 1 - 0 Cast Quickbar Spell

1 corresponds to the spell in Quickbar Slot 1 and 0 to Slot 10.

Ctrl + F1 - F12 Use Infusion

Use an Infusion in an Infusion Slot, where F1 corresponds to Infusion Slot 1.

Spacebar (or (Enter↵/Return) Advance Round

Pressing it at the end of a battle series will return the player to that battle mode's default screen.

In the Equipment Shop and Equipment Screen
C Launch Equipment popup
  • Mouse over a piece of equipment to use.
  • Popups must be enabled.
  • Does not work if Caps Lock is on.
In The Forge
Spacebar (Default Action)

Based on the currently visible section of the forge (e.g. will repair if in the Repair section)

In The Shrine
Spacebar (Repeat Hand-In)

Will repeat the last hand-in selection.

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