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The E-Hentai Galleries with the advanced search features enabled.

General Overview

The E-Hentai Gallery System is one of the core systems of the E-Hentai site, where users are able to contribute their own material in the form of one or more user galleries. A user can upload private and public galleries of hentai and anime-related content, which they can use on the E-Hentai Forums and other sites / forums in order to easily maintain and share content with other people. The system generates BBCode and CSS-skinnable HTML for direct inclusion as external galleries and can also host a customizable gallery for the user locally. All that is needed is to register an E-Hentai Forums account.

  • The front page is delayed by 4 hours for non-registered visitors
  • The RSS feed for the galleries (capped to the most recent 100) is located here: rss icon.gif
  • An API is available for various purposes


The following are the default settings for users and which Hath Perks can be purchased to increase them respectively.

Amount Maximum Hath Perk
Search results per page 25 200 Paging Enlargement
Thumbnail rows per gallery 4 40 More Thumbs
Image size 1280x Original size Source Nexus (Can also be accessed manually)
Favorite slots 1,000 25,000 More Favorites

Site Ads

By default there are up to 4 ads of mixed types and content on the main page and 2 when viewing a gallery. The locations of these ads are on the top and bottom of the page, and 2 on either side of the gallery search box, of which the top and bottom ads are persistent throughout the gallery system. These ads can be disabled through My Settings, which requires Silver Star (or higher) or the Ads-Be-Gone Hath Perk.

Making Galleries

A guide on how to contribute galleries to the system.

Gallery Categories

There are 11 categories that a user gallery can fall under, designating its content type.

Gallery Hotkeys

The following hotkeys can be used when viewing gallery images.

Function Hotkeys
Arrow Numpad Letter Extra
Previous Page 4 A
Next Page 6 D Spacebar
Scroll Up 8 W ⇧Shift+Spacebar
Scroll Down 2 S
Reload Image 5 R

Subsystems of the E-Hentai Gallery System


The Bounty System is designed to give users a direct incentive to help other users in finding doujinshi, manga, and other material that can be posted on the galleries or through other mediums.


The commenting system allows users to leave comments on galleries and to vote on comments.


Uploaders may give descriptions of their galleries to help further inform users about their contents.

Doggie Bagging

The Doggie Bag system allows users of the site to download archived versions of a gallery for a fee, either in Credits or Gallery Points. This system is shared by both the user galleries and the classic galleries.


The EHTracker allows for torrents to be uploaded by users in order to provide an alternative means for downloading galleries.


A form of gallery moderation that allows users to petition for the removal of galleries from the gallery pages, primarily in regards to duplicates and inferior copies of already uploaded galleries.


Allows users to save a large number of galleries to a list of favorites. These favorites are sorted via user-chosen colors with customizable names.


Allows users to upload and maintain their own galleries for public and private use. It also allows a user to categorize and sort their galleries internally using gallery folders.

Multi-Page Viewer

The Multi-Page Viewer is an alternative viewing system that loads images of a gallery in the background, allowing for faster gallery loading. This can be enabled through a user's gallery settings, for which the user must have a Gold Star or the Multi-Page Viewer Hath Perk.


Allows users to rate galleries (besides their own). A gallery's rating is viewable on the gallery pages as well as within the galleries themselves.


A form of gallery moderation that allows users to petition for the removal of galleries from the gallery pages; it is only to be used in cases of very serious rule violations. Not to be used as a substitute for Expunging.


Provides a means of finding certain galleries based on various properties.


The tagging system allows users to indicate the content and other properties of a gallery such as its author, language, major fetishes, characters, etc. It is highly recommended to read the guide before performing any tagging.


The E-Hentai Toplists are a set of listings that showcase users who contribute the most to the galleries in many ways. There are currently 7 toplists: individual galleries, uploaders, taggers, Hentai@Home participants, EHTracker seeders, cleanup participants, and rating and reviewing.

User Overview and Control Panel

The User Overview and Control Panel is the primary location of information regarding a user's activity in galleries. Included are visits and hits stats, settings, etc.

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