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The E-Hentai Forums are the current social gathering place for all members and guests of E-Hentai.org. They are accessible via HTTP or SSL.

Signing Up

Registering is free and uses no confirmation e-mail. All forums accounts function for use in the galleries.

Point.png Please note that only 1 active account is permitted per person.


E-Hentai BBS Forums

Forum Rules & FAQs

  • Rules pertaining to E-Hentai; users with questions are advised to use other subforums.


  • New users may introduce themselves here.

Test Forum

  • Test signatures, bbcode, or anything else here.
  • Does not increase post count.

E-Hentai Website Forums

E-Hentai News and Updates

  • Official site announcements.
  • Threads will be locked once a newer update supersedes the older ones or when events have ended.

Site Discussion & Feedback

  • Suggestions for site features, technical issues, or for bug reports.
  • Pornographic images should not be posted here.

The Vigilante

Contests and Competitions

The HentaiVerse

HentaiVerse Release Notes

  • Patch notes and comments for the HentaiVerse.
  • Does not allow attachments.

HentaiVerse System Discussion

  • Bug reports and discussions about the HentaiVerse on a technical or balance level.

The HentaiVerse Chat


General Discussion Forums

General Chat

  • Off-topic; not related to any other subforums.
Serious Debates
  • More political and social topics.
Free Speech Zone
  • Does not increase post count.
  • Unmoderated.

Adult Chat

  • Sexual topics.

Anime & Manga Chat

  • All animation or written works of Asian origin.

Culture Corner

  • Movies, television programs, music, books, etc.

Gamers Chat

  • Video games and related topics.

Tech Chat

  • Computers, cars, gadgets, audio/visual, etc.

Artists and Authors

  • Artists sharing their work and feedback.

Cove of Translators

  • Translation and scanning guides, advice, coordination, and feedback.
Translation Bounties
  • Threads are atomically created by the bounty system upon a bounty-maker's request.
Translation Requests
  • Requests for translations without a bounty.

Galleries and Torrents

Requests and Bounties

  • Requests for uploads or information pertaining to hentai.
  • ALL requests of this nature go here.

Torrents, Files, and Site Links

  • Torrents or links to direct downloads for hentai material.

Pictures and CG Sets

  • Imagesets or official CG sets either as external galleries, E-Hentai galleries, or attachments.

Doujinshi and Manga

  • Complete hentai books either as external galleries, E-Hentai galleries, or attachments.

Restricted Forums

Moderator's Lounge

  • This board is hidden to non-staff.

Gold Star Club

The Catgirl Camarilla

  • Catgirls only.
  • This board is hidden to non-Catgirls.


Name Traits Members Name Designation
Validating Users who have not yet activated their accounts. (Varies) N/A
Lurkers The majority of users; post count of 0-1; cannot set signature, modify profile information, or send e-mails to members from the board. (~2,084,660) Normal
Admin Administrators. Tenboro Pink
Banned Users who are no longer permitted on the forums. (23) Same as pre-ban
Global Mods Moderators who may moderate every subforum. Beryl, Spectre, Varst Red
Forum Mods Moderators who may moderate certain subforums. Sonic, Dlaglacz, Binglo Red
Gold Star Club Users who have donated between 100-999 USD. (~1,080) Gold
Members The majority of active users; post count of 20+. (~7,900) Bold
Service Bots in charge of automated messages. They do not respond to PMs. Snowflake sends out automated PMs such as for Toplist reward notifications and Bounties. Snowflake, Gallery System, WarnBot Normal
Recruits Post count of 2-19. (~15,860) Normal
Catgirl Camarilla Users who have donated 1,000+ USD. (63) Cyan
zzz More PMs Unknown, likely for the purposes of archiving older PMs. (0) N/A
Vigilante Unknown, likely intended for established Vigilante users. (0) N/A
(Bots) Bots that automatically crawl the forums for search engines and other services. Not a formal group. Archive.org, Googlebot, MSN Bot, Yahoo Unlinkable


  • Gold Star or higher allows for more avatar height (up to 180px) and more PM storage space (up to 2,000).

Reporting Posts

In case of duplicated or otherwise unwanted posts (e.g. rule violations), simply use the Report button located at the bottom left of the post. The same applies to threads, although it is beneficial if you are the thread creator to change the thread title to DELETE in order to assist a moderator.


A forum profile shows the following:

Cutie Marks

Some members have images relating to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic at the top right of all of their posts. These were handed out after the 2012 New Years event[1][2].


Point.png There are word filters in place preventing the posting of certain words and phrases. Please do NOT attempt to circumvent these filters for any reason; doing so may result in a ban.


  • Posts may not contain more than 20 quotes.
  • Posts are capped at 65,531 characters.
  • Thread titles must be at least 2 characters.
  • Custom member titles are capped at 60 characters.
  • New users:
    • May not post URLs.
    • Are required to complete a CAPTCHA in order to post.

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