Dawn of a New Day

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It is the dawn of a new day!

The Dawn of a New Day (also referred to as just "Dawn") is an event that occurs once per day at 00:00 UTC. The event is made visible by visiting the news page or any particular gallery page and is located in the ad space at the top of the page.


During this event:

  • Players are awarded Hath, EXP, and credits.
    • This will not occur until the event is triggered by the player.
  • Toplist calculations are made (takes ~1 minute).
  • Arena and Ring of Blood challenge cooldowns reset. Being in the middle of one does not affect this.
  • The timer for the next Random Encounter resets; the next encounter cannot be triggered until 30 min. after the dawn event was.
  • The Lottery drawing for the weapon occurs and a new one begins.
  • Players will be awarded a certain amount of points in every proficiency (after they complete a battle event).
  • Element of the day changes.


Reward Default Notes / Increased By
EXP 5% of the required EXP for next level Leveling up via this EXP is not automatic and requires visiting the HentaiVerse.
Credits ~10 Forum posting at least once per 30 days (increases to 200-400). Stars and Awards.
GP 0 Stars and useful comments made within the last 30 days. Comments must be at least 100 characters to qualify and only the best comment per day counts. Capped at 20 comments.
Hath 0 Stars and Awards.

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