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The HentaiVerse is a browser-based RPG found on E-Hentai. In the HentaiVerse, players fight monsters in a variety of battle modes in order to gain EXP and level up as well as earn credits and various items. For more specific details, see one of the links below or browse the HentaiVerse category. Current HV Version: 0.82.

New players are invited to read the Advice and HentaiVerse FAQ pages.


  • Character (Stats) - View and adjust various character attributes
  • Equipment - Put on/off different pieces of gear
  • Abilities - Unlock and improve various spells and stats using ability points
  • Training - Pay credits to gain various permanent benefits such as increased drop rates and increased EXP gains
  • Battle Items - Select items to be brought into combat, some of which automatically refill in battle
  • Inventory - View all owned items and equipment
  • Settings - Adjust various settings to the game such as difficulty level


  • Equipment Shop - Buy/sell equipment for set prices; lists equipment sold to it by other players
  • Item Shop - Buy/sell items for set prices; lists items sold to it by other players
  • Item Shop Bot - Automatically buy items from the shop at set prices and quantities
  • Monster Lab - Create/feed custom monsters and receive gifts as they fight other players
  • The Shrine - Turn in artifacts and trophies to receive rewards
  • MoogleMail - Send/receive mail (including attachments) to/from other players
  • Weapon Lottery - Buy tickets for a chance at a high quality weapon or other prizes
  • Armor Lottery - Buy tickets for a chance at a high quality armor or other prizes

The Forge

  • Repair - Fix damaged equipment as it degrades with use
  • Upgrade - Permanently improve equipment
  • Enchant - Temporarily boost equipment with various bonuses
  • Salvage - Break down equipment to retrieve materials used on them or to get scrap
  • Reforge - Reset any upgrades made on equipment


  • The Arena - Fight a set amounts of rounds and monsters
  • Ring of Blood - Fight in 1-on-1 fights with high-class monsters
  • Grindfest - Fight for up to 1,000 rounds of combat that steadily get harder
  • Item World - Raise the potency of equipment by entering it and finishing all of the rounds


  • Credits - The primary currency used in the game; has other functions for the rest of the site
  • Dawn of a New Day - Occurs daily at a set time; provides additional rewards for active users
  • Fighting Styles - Determined by equipped weapon(s); changes play style
  • Leveling Up - The effects of leveling up in the game
  • Proficiencies - Determine the strength of various aspects of a player that grow with use
  • Random Encounter - Occurs once per 30 min. (besides when Dawn occurs) as a 1-round battle with some bonuses
  • RiddleMaster - Occasionally appears in between battle rounds and provides a buff to players for answering correctly and on time
  • Spells - Players can use mana points to inflict damage, buff themselves, or debuff enemies
  • Stamina - Affects EXP gains, regenerates over time