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Spirit and Overcharge are vital statistics which can be used to increase damage or survival.


Spirit Points

Spirit points (SP) and their regeneration are determined by the following formula:

Spirit Points = (1 + (STR + DEX + AGI + END + INT + WIS) / 5) * (1 + SP Tank) * (1 + Suffusive Spirit)
SP gained per turn = Spirit Regen * Resplendent Regeneration / 30

Note: SP Tank, Suffusive Spirit and Resplendent Regeneration are percentages which should be given as decimals (ie, 10% increase = 0.1, etc) </pre>

The potency of any restorative uses base SP (except elixirs, which restore to max). Therefore, increases to Max SP (ie, SP Tank only) do not improve the strength of potions or gems.

The base is also the number used for the cost of Spark of Life and Spirit Shield. This means increases to base SP also increase the cost of those spells proportionately.

This means that the only value in increasing Spirit points is for the one use that always costs the same - Spirit Stance.

Spirit Stance

Spirit Stance is a toggle ability which increases physical damage and decreases mana cost in exchange for Spirit points and Overcharge.

It can be toggled with the 'Spirit' button when the player has at least 50% Overcharge, and it can be disabled at any time. The hotkey is S. Vitals do not regenerate on the turn in which Spirit Stance is activated.

While active, physical damage is increased by 100%, and mana costs are reduced by 25%. The reduced mana cost also contributes to Innate Arcana upkeep.

The cost, per round, is one Spirit point and 10% Overcharge. If the player falls below these requirements, it will automatically deactivate. The cost is not subtracted on the turn it is toggled on, but it will still be subtracted on the turn it is toggled off.


In Standard view, Overcharge is measured in yellow pips which are equal to 25% Overcharge each. In Utilitarian view, it is a simple bar.

Overcharge is capped at 250%. A successful basic attack (or Counter-Attack) against a monster will generate 5-10% Overcharge. Domino Strike and Off-hand Strike hits do not generate additional Overcharge.

In addition to Spirit Stance, Overcharge can be used for the cost of Weapon Skills (and the special skills Orbital Friendship Cannon and FUS RO DAH). It is also required to use the Innate Skills Defend or Focus.

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