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The physical damage formula for normal player attacks is estimated to be:

Physical Damage = (base_weapon_damage + attack_damage_bonus + prof_bonus + stat_bonus) * (1 + hath_bonus) * (1 + crit_mod) * (1 + heartseeker_bonus) * (1 + spirit_stance_bonus))
Factor Description Formula
base_weapon_damage The damage written on the equipped weapons, offhand weapon's damage while dual wielding is halved See equipped weapon
attack_damage_bonus Bonus damage from certain armors such as Shade and Power See equipped armor
stat_bonus Bonus damage from stats, approximately 2 per STR and 1 per DEX, less at higher levels log(3330 + STR * 2 + DEX , 1.0003) - 27039.81
hath_bonus The "Dæmon Duality" group of Hath Perks +10 to 50%
prof_bonus Weapon proficiency (See Proficiencies - Weapons)
crit_mod Bonus for critical hits +50% (boosted by Fatality potency and Savage prefixes)
spirit_stance_bonus Bonus if Spirit Stance is active +100%

This roll will then be further modified by mitigation parameters

Not Taken Into Account

  • Infusions / Elemental Weapons
  • Items such as Flower Vase
  • Offhand damage
  • Mitigations

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