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These are the drop formulas for the HentaiVerse. All drops go through several rolls to determine what the player will receive.

Loot Rolls

Drop Rolls.png

Roll Base Affected By
Drop Roll 10%
Equipment Roll 2.5%
E.Quality Roll 0
  • Difficulty
    • Nintendo and above have 0% chance for Fair/Crude
    • Nightmare and below have 0% chance for Legendary/Peerless
      • Arena clears have a very low chance for Legendary even on Normal
  • Arena and Ring of Blood clear bonus
    • Equal to a T1 trophy on Endgame challenge and below. Becomes T2+ with any higher challenge on Nightmare difficulty or higher. Longest Journey and above get +1 tier at Nightmare and above, and the three highest arenas get an additional +1 tier at IWBTH/PFUDOR. Dances with Dragons on PFUDOR is T8.
  • Trophies are pre-determined based on trophy tier and are not affected by anything else
    • All trophies have 0.0001% chance for Peerless
    • T6 estimated rates:
      • Legendary = 2%[1]
      • Magnificent = 20%
      • Exquisite = 78%
Slot Roll Weighted: 9 / 3 / 3 / 3 / 15 / 15 / 15
(1H / 2H / Staff / Shield / Cloth / Light / Heavy)
N/A; Trophies allow for manual selection
Tier Roll Every quality rank has a specific base Rarity Chance

Probabilities to get a rare equipment (Force Shield, Phase clothes, Shade armor, Power armor) over a non-rare:

  • Peerless = >25% base chance
  • Average = 2%? base chance
  • Fair/Crude = 0% chance
  • Rarity Chance is multiplied directly by Luck of the Draw training (up to +25%)

Since there aren't any rare 1H/2H/staffs, this roll isn't done for these types of equipment.

Suffix Roll None
  • Limited selection based on type
  • Quality must be Fair or higher; guaranteed at Superior or higher
PAB Rolls 0 Quality and Tier
  • Certain PABs cannot be rolled depending on the slot (e.g. STR on Staffs)
  • Phase has ~3.5% chance of having 0
  • Staffs have 5% or 6.25% chance of having 0, depending on the type
  • Maximum of 2 at Superior/Exquisite quality
  • At Legendary/Peerless quality will always have 3 (4 for Light armor)
  • Suffixes may add additional PABs (e.g. Arcanist)
Prefix Roll Pre-determined, requires "Superior" or higher See chart
Artifact Roll 0.2%
Collectable Roll 1%? N/A
Token Roll 0.2%
T.Type Roll 20% / 80%
(Blood / Chaos)
Tokenizer hath perks (increases Chaos by up to 10%?)
I.Type Roll 35% / 35% / 10%? / 10% / 4%? / 4% / 2%
(Restoratives / Crystals / Scrolls / Food / Infusions / Shards / Special Items)

Luck of the Draw training (up to +25% towards rarer items)

R.Quality Roll 79% / 19% / 2%
(Draught / Potion / Elixir)
Luck of the Draw training (up to +25%)
C.Type Roll Equal N/A
C.Multiplier 1x


  • Loot drop rolls only occur after clearing a battle round (with the exception of power-ups, which drop immediately after defeating a monster). There is a maximum of 1 drop per defeated monster.
  • Guaranteed drops occur after clearing Random Encounters, Ring of Blood, and Arena challenges in addition to the last round's normal drop chances.
  • For trophies, the drop is guaranteed except in the non-final rounds of the level 225+ arena challenges where it is a static 10% chance.
  • No drops occur if the player is at 9 stamina or less.


Grindfest and Item World have a fixed "rare drop" decrease modifier for artifact and token drop rates at Nightmare and lower difficulties.

Increased Drop Chances

Scavenger, Quartermaster, and Archaeologist training affect the base chances of drops. Base chance of getting any loot at all is 10%; maxing out Scavenger can bring this up to 15%. Scavenger increases a player's chance of getting both equipment and artifacts as there will be more rolls occurring after the initial loot roll, but their individual percentages will remain the same. Fighting more difficult monsters also gives an additional 0-15% drop rate, making the maximum drop rate 27.5% with maxed Scavenger and a monster with at least 1250PL. Additionally, because equipment rolls occur before artifact rolls, increasing Quartermaster will slightly reduce a player's chance of getting artifacts and other items.

Drop chance can be determined by the following formula (Base_loot_drop = 0.10):

Loot_drop = Base_loot_drop * (1 + Scavenger_level * 0.01) + Monster_PL_bonus

True equipment drop chance can be determined by the following formula (Base_equipment_drop = 0.025):

Equipment_drop = Loot_drop * (Base_equipment_drop * (1 + Quartermaster_level * 0.05)

True artifact drop chance can be determined by the following formula (Base_artifact_drop = 0.002):

Artifact_drop = (Loot_drop - Equipment_drop) * (Base_artifact_drop * (1 + Archaeologist_level * 0.1))

Other loot always has a 100% chance of dropping when a player rolls for a drop, and subsequent equipment and artifact rolls fail. More information about drop chances can be found here.

Formula for other loot:

Other_drop = (Loot_drop - Equipment_drop - Artifact_drop) * (Base_other_drop)

(Base_other_drop is the numerical value for a specific item, i.e. percentage_value / 100. It is possible to also combine the base drop chances of several items to get their true combined drop chance).


Credits can only drop from monsters that did not drop anything else; however, the credit drop chance is static (~20%?) and is not affected by anything (e.g. increasing Scavenger does not negatively impact credit drop chance in any significant way).


  • Easter events strictly use difficulty as the only modifier for event item drop chance.

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