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Level Scaling pertains to the effective stats of a given piece of equipment versus a player's level. Equipment will only continue to level with the player if it is soulfused.

How It Works

All stats for equipment have a certain range in which they can be rolled when they are generated. These stats are permanent, as in that when they have been rolled, nothing can change them. Additional stats can be added by Forge upgrades and potency increases.

Each stat has a scaling factor expressed as a formula:

Scaled Stat = (1 + level / level_factor) * base_stat

For example, for Elemental Damage Bonus, which has a level scaling factor of 200, the value increases by 1/200 of its "level 0" value per level. Inserting the equipment's level into the formula gives the actual stats of the item.

The difference a single level (443 -> 444) makes can be minor

The following are the known level factors for each equipment stat:

Stats Factor
Weapon Damage / Attack Damage Bonus 50/3 ~ 16.6667
Magic Damage Bonus 22.7275
Attack/Magic Accuracy Bonus 5000
Attack/Magic Critical Bonus 2000
Block/Evade/Parry/Resist Chances 2000
Physical/Magical Mitigations 2000
Specific Physical Mitigations (e.g. Slashing)
Elemental Mitigations (Fire, etc.)
Magical Proficiency Bonuses 250/7 ~ 35.7143
Elemental Damage Bonuses 200
Primary Attributes 250/7 ~ 35.7143
Proc Durations
Siphon Procs 25Missing Data
Mana Conservation[1]
Attack Speed

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