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The following data is missing from this wiki.




  • The effects of Flower Vase on hit/crit chance and evade/resist.

Trophies & Artifacts

  • The difficulties / arena challenge combinations needed for some trophy tiers upon clearing.

Item World

  • How much equipment quality affects IW difficulty in quantifiable terms. (e.g. "Superior monsters average 10% more attack power than those of Fine.")


  • Almost everything to do with PAB rolls.
  • Locking changes / storage (HV 0.85).

Equipment Ranges

Loot Drop Rolls

  • Collectable drop rate.
  • Happy Pill drop rate.
  • Token drop rate for clearing lower arena challenges.
  • How much Tokenizer Hath Perks increase the chance for Chaos tokens as opposed to Blood.

Monster Lab


  • Damage multipliers for all offensive skills.
  • If Focus still affects resist chance.


  • The base action speeds for some things.
  • The base proficiency gain rate.
  • How much each monster level increases the EXP received for killing it.
  • Monster class' effect on credit drops (assumed to be a multiplier on the base amount).


  • What is the correlation factor for gallery comment voting (the limit on how many times you can vote on a particular user's comments).
  • How the EHTracker calculates points.

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