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This page is a hub for Equipment Ranges. These are the minimum and maximum known base values for each equipment type at every quality.

The tables are a work in progress; not every minimum and maximum value are truly known. However, the Legendary Max (Peerless quality) should be accurate for most stats.

Pre-0.82 values should not be included.

Equip Range Tables

The tables are extremely large, and have been split into these pages:

How to scale stats

Transforming a base value to a scaled value (the final stat shown on an equipment piece) can be done using the formulas given on the Level Scaling and Forge pages.

These formulas may have very slight fluctuations compared to a real item - possibly due to some values being rounded or cut off.

The formula is as follows:

Final Stat = ((baseValue - qualityBonus) * forgeCoeff + qualityBonus) * levelScalar

For example, scaling the Elec EDB on a Shocking Willow of Destruction would look like this:

Base Value: 18.55
Quality Bonus: 0.871536
Forge Coefficient: 1.358351893845611
Level Scalar: 3.5

((18.55 - 0.871536) * 1.358351893845611 + 0.871536) * 3.5 = 87.0978886913851

Note: In reality, a max forged PSWD displays 87.09, so it can be considered that HV simply cuts off the rest of the decimal places.

The baseValue is the value taken from the Equipment Ranges tables. The rest of the values used are determined as follows:

Quality Bonus

qualityBonus = ((pxp0 - 100) / 25) * baseCoeff

pxp0 is the item's PXP at level 0 (these vary by item - for Peerless values, see Peerless PXP Table). The baseCoeff varies by stat (see Equipment Base Coefficients).

As an example for the quality bonus on EDB for a Peerless staff:

((371 - 100) / 25) * 0.0804 = 0.871536

Forge Coefficient

For non-ADB/MDB factors: 1 + 0.2 * ln(0.1 * forge_count + 1)

For ADB/MDB: 1 + 0.278875 * ln(0.1 * forge_count + 1)

forge_count is simply the level to which the stat has been forged (ie, up to 100 for ADB/MDB, or 50 for non-ADB/MDB stats.)

As an example for level 50 EDB:

1 + 0.2 * ln(0.1 * 50 + 1) = 1.358351893845611

Level Scalar

levelScalar = (1 + Desired Level / Level Factor)

For example, to scale EDB to level 500 uses 500 as the Desired Level, and 200 as the Level Factor (see Level Scaling to see these listed by stat).

1 + 500 / 200 = 3.5

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