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In order for the data here to retain its validity please do not edit this page.'


This is a continuing work in progress (WIP) and is created using values seen on equipment since for the most recent patches. These values should be used as a basis for the min/max values on a piece of gear. The values on pieces of equipment have changed from patch to patch, so gear that is "pre-patch changes" is left out of the tables to better represent what may drop in the current iteration of the HentaiVerse. If anything falls outside the range displayed on the tables it should be reported on the forums in the Equipment Ranges thread so that this page can be updated.


Put formulas for calculating base rolls, derived bases, and projected maximums, as well as how "slot" effects gear.

  • Total_Roll: Value when Base_Roll, Suffix_Roll, and Quality_Bonus are all added together
  • Base_Roll: Range of values that can appear on a piece of gear
  • Suffix_Roll: Range of values that get added due to a suffix
  • Quality_Bonus: Value added based on overall quality of the piece of gear
  • Slot_Mod: Multiplier for gear based on what slot it is worn
  • Derived_Base: Value that can be seen on a piece of gear based on the rolls it got during creation
  • Base_Multiplier: Value that is multiplied with the base to determine the Derived_Base
  • Projected_Maximum: Maximum values that can be obtained on a piece of gear based on the formulas and observed values

A lot of rounding occurs when going back and forth between the Rolls and the Derived values.

  • "round()" will be used for rounding to the nearest whole number
  • "roundP()" will be used for rounding to the nearest percentile (second decimal)
  • "floor()" will be used for rounding down
  • "ceil()" will be used for rounding up
Total_Roll = Base_Roll + Suffix_Roll + Quality Bonus
Total_Roll = Derived_Base / Base_Multiplier
Quality_Bonus = Total_Roll - floor(Total_Roll)

If an equipment is forged, the additional multiplier applies to Base_Roll and Suffix Roll only (i.e. Quality_Bonus part is unaffected)

Since Base_Roll and Suffix_Roll are separate, they must be kept separate when determining the final value on a piece of gear.

Derived_Base = (ceil( round(Base_Roll * Slot_Mod)) +
ceil( round(Suffix_Roll * Slot_Mod)) + Quality_Bonus) * Base_Multiplier

Slot_Mod' is as follows:

Slot Amount
Body 1.2
Legs 1.1
Head 1
Hands 0.9
Feet 0.8
Weapons & Shields 1

Projected_Maximums' use the highest Rolls and Quality_Bonus seen on gear and are then plugged into the above formula to obtain the projected maximums.

For Quality_Bonus, 0.00 is used for the Derived_Base minimum and 0.865 is used for the Derived_Base maximum. Quality_bonuses range from 0 to ~15 depending on the PXP0 value of equipment: Quality_Bonus = (PXP0-100)/25

If an equipment is forged, the additional multiplier applies to Base_Roll and Suffix Roll only (i.e. Quality_Bonus part is unaffected)




















Kite Shield


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