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The following is a table with the base multipliers (fluctuations) i use on the Equipment Ranges pages. They can be used to back calculate the actual roll a piece of equipment has.

Formula is as follows: Base_Roll = Base_Stat/Base_Scalar

The following are the Base Roll factors for each equipment stat:

Stat Base Scalar
Attack Damage Bonus 0.854
Attack Accuracy Bonus 0.6069
Attack Critical Bonus 0.105
Magic Damage Bonus 0.82969
Magic Accuracy Bonus 0.491
Magic Critical Bonus 0.114
Physical Mitigation 0.21
Magical Mitigation 0.201
Block Chance 0.998
Evade Chance 0.25
Parry Chance 0.894
Resist Chance 0.804
Burden 0.7
Interference 0.7
Proficiency 0.306
Elemental Damage Bonus 0.804
Crushing Mitigation 0.1549
Slashing Mitigation 0.1529
Piercing Mitigation 0.1499
Elemental Mitigation 1
PABs 0.3
Mana Conservation 1
Counter Resist 1
Bleeding Wound Chance 1
Bleeding Wound Damage 1
Drain Chance 1
Banshee Drain (Not Tracked) 0.01
Illithid Drain (Not Tracked) 0.01
Vampire Drain (Not Tracked) 0.01
Ether Tap Chance 2
Stun Chance 1
Penetrated Armor Chance 1
Attack Speed 0.481
Cast Speed 0.489
Attack Critical Damage 0.1
Magic Critical Damage 0.1

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