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This page contains coefficients which can be used to calculate the true base values for stats on equipment.

The following stats are grouped together:

PAB (Primary Attribute Bonus): Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Endurance, Intelligence, Wisdom

Prof (Proficiency): Elemental, Divine, Forbidden, Deprecating and Supportive

EDB (Elemental (Spell) Damage Bonus): Fire, Cold, Wind, Elec, Holy and Dark

E.Mit (Specific Elemental Mitigations): Fire, Cold, Wind, Elec, Holy and Dark

Stat Base Coefficient
Attack Damage Bonus 0.0854
Physical Crit Chance 0.0105
Physical Crit Damage 0.01
Physical Accuracy 0.06069
Attack Speed 0.0481
Magic Damage Bonus 0.082969
Magic Crit Chance 0.0114
Magic Crit Damage 0.01
Magic Accuracy 0.0491
Cast Speed 0.0489
Mana Conservation 0.1
PAB 0.03
Physical Mitigation 0.021
Magical Mitigation 0.0201
Block 0.0998
Parry 0.0894
Evade 0.025
Resist 0.0804
Crushing Mitigation 0.0155
Slashing Mitigation 0.0153
Piercing Mitigation 0.015
Prof 0.0306
EDB 0.0804
E.Mit 0.1
Counter-Resist 0.1

Source: original coefficients by skillchip, current values taken from Live Percentile Ranges

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