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This page is found under the Character Menu in the HentaiVerse.

Here, a player can change various setting that affects various parts of the game. Before any changes go into effect, the player must hit the “Apply Changes” button on the bottom of the page.

Challenge Level

This setting changes the difficulty in battle which affects the following:

Challenge Modifiers Description / Notes
EXP Credits Monster HP Potency EXP Monster Damage & Crystals Quality Roll Bonus Monster Power Level Adjustment
Normal x1 x1 x1 x2 x1 x1 0 Balanced Fun

Up to a 75% reduced Loot Drop frequency penalty for excessive play

Hard x2 x1.25 x1.4 x2.8 x1.2 x1.5 +5? Somewhat Tricky

Up to a 50% reduced Loot Drop frequency penalty for excessive play

Nightmare x4 x1.5 x2 x4 x1.4 x2 +20? Pretty Tough

Up to a 25% reduced Loot Drop frequency penalty for excessive play

Hell x6 x1.75 x2.8 x6 x1.6 x2.5 +30? Even Tougher
Nintendo x10 x2.2? x5? x10 x1.8? x3? +60? Old School
IWBTH x15 x3 x7.8 x16 x2.5 x5 +100? I Wanna Be The Hentai
PFUDOR x20 x3? x7.8 x16 x3 x6? +125? Smiles

Monsters have:

  • Actions using 75% of their usual time
  • +50% mana/spirit regen
  • A higher chance to use skills/magic attacks
  • An additional +10% resist/parry

Display Title

Applies any title that has been unlocked which will be displayed both in game and on the E-Hentai Forums. See the article for each title's effect.

Font Engine

Allows changing of the font engine that affects the appearance of the text in the game.

Quickbar Slots

Allows players to choose commonly used Spells to be placed in their shortcut bar for easier access during battles. Note that these are linked to the current equipment set.

Auto-cast Slots

Allows players to set certain supportive spells to be automatically cast at the beginning of battles.

  • Slots are unlocked by purchasing the Innate Arcana Hath Perks.
  • The spells that can be assigned are: Haste, Shadow Veil, Protection, Spark of Life, Spirit Shield.
  • Supportive Proficiency has a chance to be raised with each turn that an auto-cast spell is active. However, auto-cast spells cannot proc Channeling.
    • The chance only occurs once per turn and is determined by upkeep cost.
  • If a player chooses to manually cast an auto-casted spell, or use a scroll, the spell will be cast normally and the MP upkeep will be suspended. Once the duration of the spell runs out the auto-cast spell will be recast at the end of the player's turn, before monster actions.


Auto-casted spells deduct MP every battle round as upkeep.

  • The base cost for each spell's per turn upkeep is determined by the spell's normal casting cost, its duration, and the action's speed of the player's last turn as follows:
Upkeep = casting_MP_cost * Speed of action taken in the last turn / duration
  • Each rank of IA grants a 10% discount off of the upkeep, including the first rank.
  • Supportive Proficiency helps reduce upkeep since it increases spell duration.
  • These spells will dissipate if the player drops below 10% total MP and are recast only if the player reaches at least 25%.
    • When the player is between 10-24% MP the following will not be recast:
      • Spark of Life after it has been triggered.
      • Any spells, when entering a new battle series.
      • Any spell which was manually cast regardless of it being designated as auto-cast.

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