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Tags that are often confused for one another.


Catfight - Fighting between women lacking any particular fighting style or focus.
Ryona - Punches, kicks, or other blunt attacks meant to cause severe pain or injury, often to the torso or face.
Wrestling - Primarily utilizing grapples and holds to bend limbs and restrict movement.

Additional Markings

Watermarked - Added by a 3rd party that had no involvement in the work's creation, scan, or translation.
Scanmark - Added by the work's translator or scanner.
(No Tag) - Added by the creator of the work. There is likely no version that exists without the markings.

Bodily Assimilation

Absorption - Entering via any other method such as the skin. Also applies to any instances of a character changing form based on what they consumed.
Analphagia - Entering via the anus.
Cockphagia - Entering via a penis.
Tailphagia - Entering via any tails.
Vore - Entering via a mouth or leading directly to the stomach.
Unbirth - Entering via a vagina.


Big Breasts - At least the size of the character's head.
Huge Breasts - Twice the size of the character's head or larger. Invokes big breasts.
Gigantic Breasts - Larger than the rest of the character's entire body. Invokes huge breasts.


Futanari - Penis with a vagina still present (may not be visible). Assumed when genital area (aside from penile) is not shown.
Shemale - Penis and testicles present, no vagina. Assumed when testicles are shown whilst a vagina is not.


Cheating - Someone having sex with someone other than their spouse, often without their knowledge.
Netorare - Someone is effectively stolen away from their partner (whether they were initially willing or not), often no longer desiring their original partner. Also acceptable for when the story attempts to garner sympathy for the individual who lost their partner.
Swinging - Both partners are knowingly having sex with other participants and approve of the situation.


Pantyhose - Covers the genital area as well as the legs.
Stockings - Covers the legs up to around the knee area.

Mechanical Creatures

Mecha Girl - Wearing or being a hybrid of giant robot parts (or otherwise humanoid-shaped machinery parts).
Robot - Mechanical participant meant to look human.


Breast Feeding - Breasts are sucked on directly by a mouth. Milk may or may not be present. Often occurs with infants and their mothers.
Lactation - Breasts secrete or squirt milk on their own or with little effort.
Milking - Breasts are actively being pulled in some way (machine pumping, methodical tugging, etc.) to induce lactation. Invokes lactation.

Mind Alteration

Corruption - Removing someone's purity of character and changing their personality to a more deviant one via magic or other supernatural means.
Mind Break - Conditioning someone to enjoy sexual activities against that person's will. Usually implied to be permanent. Often paired with the ahegao tag.
Mind Control - Hypnosis or other techniques are used to take advantage of someone sexually by suppressing their will. May alter the victim's active personality although it is not their real one. Generally temporary in nature.
Moral Degeneration - Removing someone's purity of character and changing their personality to a more deviant one via natural means.
Possession - A participant's body is directly controlled, having their mind suppressed by an outside entity. Typically done by a ghost, spirit, or parasite.


Bestiality - A real animal or animal of lore (e.g. dragon, unicorn) with little-to-no human qualities having sex with a human.
Furry - Anthropomorphic. Has human qualities blended together with those of an animal or creature of lore. A human with animal parts tacked on rarely qualifies (see the 2 below).
Kemonomimi - A humanoid with (often superficial) animal parts on the head or rear but largely nowhere else.
Monster - Does not highly resemble any animal or has modularized animal parts on a human (e.g. centaur). Also any creature of lore that is not mechanical (e.g. slime).

Skintight Clothing

Bodysuit - Covers the arms and legs in addition to the torso.
Latex - Used in bdsm, usually glossy whilst dark in color.
Leotard - Used for gymnastics and wrestling.
Swimsuit - Used for swimming or repelling water.
Tights - Used primarily by superheroes and are very colorful. Usually include a cape.


Inflation - The stomach area is expanded artificially via air, cum, eggs, slime, tentacles, vore, or other liquids. Sometimes caused by an enema. Often leads to a round (possibly balloon-like) belly with an appearance.
Pregnant - Expansion via a fetus being inside the stomach area. Sometimes leads to the birth tag if a live creature is involved. Should not be tagged if a girl is simply shown as pregnant in the last pages of a story, nor is it to be used in place of impregnation.
Stomach Deformation - Part of stomach area appears to bulge, bend, or stretch unusually. Very often caused by a big penis, large insertions, or tentacles.
Weight Gain - Expansion occurs naturally (although perhaps at an extraordinary metabolic rate) via food ingestion. Often leads to folds of fat forming and incurring the bbw tag.

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