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Item World (IW) is one of the battle modes in the HentaiVerse mini-game. Item World allows users to do battle inside any piece of equipment not equipped to their current equipment set in order to increase its latent potential.


An Item World has rounds based on the equipment's quality. It can be approximated by:

Number of Item World Rounds = 75 * (equip_quality)^3

There is a lower cap of 10 rounds and upper cap of 100 rounds. Monsters start at 100% base damage and increase by 2%? per round. The number of monsters present in each round is random but tends to rise as the round counter increases.

Item Potency

Clearing an Item World or Upgrading a piece of equipment earns the item PXP (Potency Experience) towards increasing the potency of the equipment.

PXP gain = roundup(Item round count * PXP modifier * soulfusion modifier)
Difficulty PXP Multiplier
Normal x2.0
Hard x3.0
Nighmare x4.0
Hell x6.0
Nintendo x10.0
IWBTH x16.0
PFUDOR x16.0

Fleeing or being defeated in an IW does not grant any PXP; only clearing all rounds grants PXP for the item. Players cannot gain any PXP if they are at "exhausted" stamina.

All equipment starts at Potency Level 0, and can be leveled up to Level 10, unlocking a total of ten potencies. The amount of PXP required for the next level is displayed next to the equipment potency's level and increases as the item gains in potency levels. Potency unlocks add stats to the equipment - with the exception of 'of focus' weapons which cannot gain Economizer, and armor with a mitigation prefix, which cannot gain IW mitigation for that element. Additional levels of potency are more likely to level up existing ones rather than give new ones (50% chance when you have one, 75% when you have two). These additional stats cannot be further upgraded in the forge.

Except for the Level 10 weapon unlock, there are five levels to each potency, and it is possible to get up to three different potencies.

Item Potency can be reset by reforging in the forge. This requires Amnesia Shards equal to the equipment's Item Potency level. Players can only keep all the existing potencies or forfeit all of them.

When an equipment piece has reached max level, it no longer shows up in the Item World.

Formula for PXP

PXP(x) = PXP(1) * (1 + PXP(1)/1000)^(x-1)

Note that PXP(x) is the amount of PXP required to advance from level (x-1) to level x.

The amount of PXP required to advance from level 0 to level n is as follows:

Total PXP needed = 1000*((1+PXP(1)/1000)^n - 1)


All potencies give roughly 2% bonus per potency level (then scaled according to player's level) except for mitigation potencies which give 4 base points. Economizer gives 5% mana conservation per level.

Class Name Addition Weapon Shield Armor
Melee Staff
Coldproof Cold X X
Darkproof Dark X X
Elecproof Elec X X
Fireproof Fire X X
Holyproof Holy X X
Windproof Wind X X
Capacitor Bonus MP X
Juggernaut Bonus HP X
Butcher Bonus Weapon Damage X
Fatality Attack Crit Damage X
Overpower Counter-Parry X
Swift Strike Raises Attack Speed X
Annihilator Spell Crit Damage X
Archmage Bonus Magic Damage X
Economizer Mana Conservation X
Penetrator Counter-Resist X
Spellweaver Cast Speed X

Level 10

At level 10 an equipment piece ceases to gain PXP and may be renamed freely (max 50 characters).

Weapon Level 10 Only

At level 10 a weapon will always get a special Potency based on what kind of weapon it is.

Ethereal weapons will get a random Elemental Strike from the chart below.

  • This does not turn a weapon into a true Elemental Weapon (as a true elemental weapon also has Elemental Damage Bonus to boost spell damage).

All other weapons will get Hollowforged which converts its damage type from Crushing/Slashing/Piercing to Void.

Class Name Addition
Cold Strike Adds Cold damage
Dark Strike Adds Dark damage
Elec Strike Adds Elec damage
Fire Strike Adds Fire damage
Holy Strike Adds Holy damage
Wind Strike Adds Wind damage
Special Hollowforged Damage Type converts to Void, adds Void Strike


The strength of the monsters and EXP gains depend on the quality of the item. A Magnificent item will have significantly harder mobs than a Crude one. Legendary equipment should give EXP equivalent to Grindfest at the same difficulty. The drop quality bonus is identical to the that of Grindfest.

EXP Gains in IW = Non-IW_EXP * (Base_PXP - 100) * 0.004

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