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Burden is a Compromise Statistic on equipment in the HentaiVerse mini-game.

Effects of Burden

Every point of burden will have the following effect:

  • Reduces evade by 4/3%, or roughly 1.33% per burden (fully eliminates evasion at 75 burden).
    • The penalty is multiplicative; a player with 50% evade and 0 burden will be reduced to ~33.5% evasion at 25 burden.
  • If burden > 40, decreases melee attack speed bonuses (fully eliminates any bonus at 90 burden).
  • If burden > 70, decreases physical crit rate by 2%, (capped at 120 burden).

Getting Burden

Reducing Burden

  • Use ethereal weapons, cloth armor or shade armor, which have no burden stat.
  • Enhancing an equipment with Featherweight Charm can temporarily reduce its burden by 7 or 50%, whichever is higher.
  • Use Heavy armor or shields with the Mithril prefix, which have 20% less burden.

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