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Action Speed is the measure of how long any action taken by a player or monster in the HentaiVerse takes.

Action Speed


As battle progress and time units pass, some monsters with higher action speeds may perform an additional attack against the player. Conversely, players who accumulate enough time units due to their high action speed may take a turn to perform an additional action before the monsters are allowed their action.


Every player action equals one in-game turn. During a turn players can do physical attack, use a spell/skill, focus, defend, Spirit Stance, scan, use an item, or flee from battle.
Turns happen almost immediately server-side but may take few milliseconds user-side. To prevent botting and overloads there is a server side restriction which prevents more than 4 turns per second (t/s).


Action Speed is cumulative term, which contains:

Term Description
Attack speed How fast you deal physical attacks.
Casting speed How fast you deal magical attacks.
Skill speed How fast you attack with fighting style's skills.
Item speed How fast you use items.
Toggling speed How fast you enter in focus, defend, spirit modes, and use scan.
Fleeing speed How fast you can run away from battle.
Monster speed Separate speed gauge, depend how fast monster attacks you.

Point.png Note, when it says "Action Speed" mostly subject talks about both Attack speed and Casting speed, since all other speeds listed above, have specific formulas and rules to operate with.

Base Action Speeds

Every attack, item usage, spell and skill in the HentaiVerse require certain time units to launch on. Depends on how many time units it takes, all actions can be divided in five categories.

Category Description Base action speed should be
Immediately Action takes place right after player's command, and monsters don't attack after at all. 0
Sub-standard Action takes place right after player's command, and some monsters may attack after. 0.01-0.99
Standard Action takes place right after player's command, and all monsters attack back once. 1
Upper-standard Action takes place right after player's command, and all monsters attack back at least once. 1.01-1.99
Delayed Action takes place right after player's command, and all monsters attack back twice. 2 and higher

Different actions have different Base action speeds.

Player used six different items and monsters do not attack him in between.
Player physically attacked one monster and every monster hit him back at least once. Some monsters attacked him twice, thanks to PFUDOR difficulty, high Swiftness Chaos Upgrade rank and moderate burden.
Action Base Action Speed
Physical Attack and Fighting Skills
Physical Attack 1
Fighting Skills 1?
Using items 0
Toggling Spirit Stance <1
Defend, Scan, Focus 1
Fleeing <1
Offensive Spells
Elemental T1 (Fiery Blast, Freeze, Shockblast, Gale) 1.2?
Elemental T2 (Inferno, Blizzard, Chained Lightning, Downburst) 1.4?
Elemental T3 (Flames of Loki, Fimbulvetr, Wrath of Thor, Storms of Njord) 1.6?
Divine/Forbidden T1 (Smite, Corruption) 1.4?
Divine/Forbidden T2 (Banishment, Disintegrate) 1.6?
Divine/Forbidden T3 (Paradise Lost, Ragnarok) 1.8?
Deprecating Spells
Drain 1.2?
Slow, Sleep, MagNet 1.5?
Weaken, Imperil 0.8?
Blind 1.2?
Curative Spells
Cure, Regen 0.2?
Supportive Spells
Haste, Shadow Veil, Absorb, Spark of Life, Arcane Focus, Heartseeker, Spirit Shield 0.1?
Protection 0.2?


  • Base action speeds, listed above are solid and programed server-side, however they real value may vary, due to effect of player's abilities, current equipment or used spells (see below).
  • Monsters recovering from stun get a free action the turn after, regardless of the player's action speed during that turn.
  • Using powerups always takes 0 time units.

Increasing Action Speed

Player can find his current Attack Speed and Casting Speed in Statistics Pane
  • Player can increase Attack Speed via:
    • Using the Haste spell (+25%, +50%) or Scroll of swiftness (+60%).
    • Using certain weapons such as Wakizashi, which have innate bonuses to attack speed.
    • Using Wakizashi or Shortsword with "of Swiftness" suffix.
    • Using certain armors or shield with "Agile" prefix.
    • Getting Swift Strike potency to their melee weapon.
    • Using ability, named Light Speed, which can increase attack speed when player use only light armor. This modification scaling with player's light armor proficiency.
    • Players who have AGI higher than their current level receive an attack speed bonus, capping at 10% when agility is twice their level.

Point.png Having burden above 40 reduces any attack speed bonuses, completely removing them at 90 burden.

  • Player can increase Casting Speed via:
    • Using the Haste spell (+25%, +50%) or Scroll of swiftness (+60%).
    • Using certain armors with "Charged" prefix.
    • Getting Spellweaver potency to their staff.
    • Using ability, named Cloth Castspeed, which can increase casting speed when player use only cloth armor. This modification scaling with player's cloth armor proficiency.
    • Using ability, which decrease casting time of specific spell.

Monster Action Speed

  • All monsters have an initiative for their first attack of 0.1 to 1 times their base action speed (chosen at random).
  • Monsters receive a free action after leaving a state of being stunned.
  • Monster's Action Speed may be increased by:
  • Monster's Action Speed may be decreased by:
    • Using MagNet spell (-25%)
    • Using Slow spell (-30%, -50%)


Tick is a special time amount, designed for counting down this special time-based events:

  • Spell's cooldown.
  • Skill's cooldown.
  • Cooldown between using item of same type.
  • Spell's duration.
  • Scroll's duration.
  • Infusion's duration, when it used as battle item
  • Other item's duration.
  • Weapon's proc duration.
  • Spell's proc duration.
  • Fighting style skill's chain time.
  • Regen's replenishment effect, e.t.c.

Tick is always equals to one time unit and cannot be modified in anyway.
Tick is not equal to turn, second, one attack or whatever. This is stand-alone time-operated value.

Tick & Action Speed

Both, Action Speed and Tick are time-based amount, which take place similarly during the battle and don't affect each other and count down independently. Player and monsters can modify their Action Speed (see above), while Tick is always means one time unit.

Graphical Presentation

This is graphical presentation, just to show how this two measures works together, not a real calculation with every vars taken in account

Ideally, if both Tick and every player's actions will be equal, they will then have same start and end for every time unit, like this:

|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.| - Tick
|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.| - Player

But since some player's actions take longer/faster to complete, thanks to Action Speed measure, real Tick and player's actions will be different in terms when they start and end, like in graph below. Here presents 8 ticks (this means, Regen replenished player's health 8 times, duration of skills decreased on 8, e.t.c), while player did 9 real turns.

|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.| - Tick
|_._._._.|_._._._._._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._._.|_._._.|_._._._._._.|_._._. - Player

If player will constantly use items to replenish his HP, MP and SP, his Tick versus Action Speed progression will be presented as on this graph, because item usage takes 0 (zero) base Action Speed. This means cooldown and duration of his spells will never decreased, as well Regen will never replenished any HP.

|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.| - Tick
|                                                                                         - Player

If player had used Haste spell supportive spell, has big Attack Speed parameter and keep attacking physically first 9 times, then use Defend and keep attacking back, his Tick versus Action Speed progression will be presented as this graph.

|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.| - Tick
|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._._._.|_._._.|_._._.| - Player

In a case of monsters Tick versus Action Speed progression works same way. If player encounter two monsters with +0% and +50% Action Speed, respectively, their actions may be presented in this graph. So, monster with higher Action Speed parameter may attack player three times, while Regen's replenished his health only two times.

|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.| - Tick
|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.| - Monster #1 
|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._. - Monster #2 

In the end, this is graph of real-time battle versus three monsters with this setup:

  • PFUDOR difficulty.
  • Monster #1 has +0% bonus to Action Speed, Monster #2 has +25% bonus to Action Speed, *Monster #3 has +50% bonus to Action Speed.
  • Player has +25% to his Attack Speed and he is melee fighter.
  • Player used Regen in first his turn and Haste in his forth turn.
|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.|_._._._._.| - Tick
|_._._._.|_._._._.|_._._._.|_._._._.|_._._._.|_._._._.|_._._._.|_._._._.|_._._._.|_._._._ - Monster #1 
|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._._.|_._. - Monster #2
|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._ - Monster #3
|_.|_._._._.|_._._._.|_.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._.|_._. - Player

So, while Regen replenished player's health 8 times only, first monster attacked him 9 times, second monster attacked him 12 times and third one 17 times. In same 8 ticks, player cast two spells (first and forth turns), used two physical attack without Hastened effect (second and third turns) and 12 more attack with Hastened effect.

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