Tower Battle Mode

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The Tower

  • The Tower is a new Isekai-Only battle mode, and is the basis of the ranking mechanism. The Tower has an (effectively) unlimited amount of floors, and the idea is that you want to get as far as possible before the end of the season.
  • Each floor has an increasing number of battle rounds, and is locked to a specific monster level (increases every floor) and difficulty level (increases every 5 floors).
  • Past Floor 40 the difficulty will start scaling past PFUDOR; this adds a base 5% monster damage and HP per difficulty level.
  • Clearing a floor will always drop an equipment piece equivalent to a trophy of the tier corresponding to the base difficulty, capping at PFUDOR/Tier 7, as well as 10 soul fragments.
  • You can only clear each floor once, and win or lose, you can only do three tower attempts per day. During Last Spurt, the number of daily attempts is increased to five.
  • You can see your current ranking on the Tower start screen as soon as you make it past Floor 5.