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The Tower Interface.

The Tower is an Isekai only battle mode.


  • The Tower is the basis of the Isekai ranking mechanism. The Tower has an effectively unlimited amount of Floors, and the Player is tasked with clearing increasingly difficult Floors to achieve higher rank.
  • Each Floor has an increasing number of battle rounds, starting at 10 and increasing by 1 each Floor, capping at 50 rounds starting from Floor 41. Monster levels are tied to the Floor number x 10, and can go beyond or be below the Players level.
  • The difficulty level is determined by the Floor and not the Players Settings.
    • The difficulty starts at normal and increases until PFUDOR at Floor 40. At Floor 41 the difficulty will start scaling past PDUFOR; which adds a base 5% monster damage and 5% HP at each additional Floor.
    • There is a 2% monster damage bonus per round.
  • The Player may attempt and clear the Tower 5 times per day until Floor 20, after which only one Floor may be cleared per day with, and only three attempts per day. Successfully completing a Floor will prevent attempting the Tower again until the following day.
    • Note: Defeat or fleeing count towards the daily attempt cap.
  • The Players rank will appear on the Tower Battle mode screen, but will show as unranked until Floor 5 has been reached.


Ranking is based on the Floor level the player has reached compared to other Players.

  • If multiple people are on the same Floor, they will share the same rank, but people on lower Floors will still have their ranks offset by the number sharing.
    • Example: if the top 2 people share a Floor, they will both be rank 1, but the next highest will be rank 3.


  • Each Floor clear grants a guaranteed piece of equipment, corresponding to a tier 1-7 trophy. The trophy reward corresponds to the difficulty.
  • Each Floor clear grants 10 Soul Fragments.
  • Each Floor reached adds 20% to the Isekai EXP bonus (which starts at 0%), though you need to clear at least one floor to gain a bonus.
  • There are additional rewards at end of season based on the tower floor that was reached.
Floor Difficulty Equipment Tier Reward
1-6 Normal Tier 1
7-13 Hard Tier 2
14-19 Nightmare Tier 3
20-26 Hell Tier 4
27-33 Nintendo Tier 5
34-39 IWBTH Tier 6
40 PFUDOR Tier 7
41+ PFUDOR+ Tier 7
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