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The following is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to the E-Hentai Galleries.


Is any content paywalled?
Do any galleries require an add-on, script, VPN, or proxy to be visible?
No. The use of any add-ons, extensions, scripts, VPNs, or proxies to access the site may hinder a user's ability to view galleries.
Additionally, it is highly discouraged to use anything that requests or intercepts your login information as it may become stolen.
Do any galleries require forum posting to be visible?
Do any galleries require mod power to be visible?
Do any galleries require a donation to be visible?
Do any galleries require playing in the HentaiVerse to be visible?
Do any galleries require posting comments to be visible?
Do any galleries require tagging to be visible?
Do any galleries require uploading to be visible?
Do any galleries require karma to be visible?
Do any galleries require a particular browser to be visible?
Do any galleries require a particular OS to be visible?
Do any galleries require any software to be visible?
Can I browse a gallery without using a mouse?
Yes, just use the Gallery Hotkeys.
What is the best method to view the galleries on a tablet / mobile device?
It is recommended to use the Lo-Fi Galleries. To avoid crashes on low RAM devices, it is also recommended to resample galleries to JPEG in My Home (resolution doesn't matter, 2400px is fine; crashes happen when uncompressing larger PNG files).
Why can I not select "Normal" thumbnails?
Newer galleries have their larger thumbnails generated first. Smaller thumbnails are given a lower priority so they may not be available right away.
How long do direct image links last?
Those loaded through the H@H cluster last up to 15 minutes. Those loaded from the servers last up to 24 hours. It is recommended to only ever link to the image's page URL e.g. https://e-hentai.org/s/{hex}/{hex-##}
Can I be alerted if a gallery updates?
No but there may be add-ons / scripts that can assist with this (e.g. Distill Web Monitor, Update Scanner). Bear in mind these may also alert you on other aspects such as comments, tags, or title changes.
Can I develop scripts for the galleries?
Yes, there is even an API.


How do I download a gallery?
See Downloading.
Can I use download managers?
Yes, The archive servers have full support for requesting specific byte ranges. Keep the number of subsequent threads to 4 or less.
Can I be refunded if I accidentally request a gallery archive that I didn't want?
Is there a log of all the gallery archives I've downloaded?
No. You may add any galleries you download to your favorites list and/or bookmark them to keep track.


Why is my search finding nothing at all?
Certain search terms are blocked for various reasons.
How do I filter out things I do not want?
Insert a minus sign in front of terms you wish to have excluded. My Tags can be used as a more permanent solution.
Why am I (not) finding things that I've added to my tag search?
Default searches require tags to be 10+ mod power to qualify for the search. Searches with lower power tags can be found using the weak: qualifier.
Use quotation marks if the terms you are using consist of any spaces (e.g. "big breasts" not big breasts).
Can I search gallery comments?
Not using the site's search engine; use a third-party engine such as Google. The uploader comment may be searched using the comment: qualifier.
Is there any way to search private galleries?
Is there a way to search with my favorites removed?
Why am I finding galleries in languages that I've filtered in my settings?
The relevant tag(s) need to have 100+ mod power for at least ~15 minutes to count for that filter.
How do I search for only Japanese galleries?
Filter all other languages in your My Settings page. Some non-Japanese results may appear due to the language tags being too low power.
Why do certain fetishes not have their own tags?
Often these are searchable via a combination of existing tags and exclusions; e.g. interracial can be found via m:"dark skin" -f:"dark skin" / f:"dark skin" - m:"dark skin".


Can I tag whatever I want?
No, only tags already in use on the galleries can be tagged.
New fetish tags require community / moderator approval.
Users with at least 15 power can create new creator, parody, character, or cosplayer tags. Users with insufficient power may request them here.
If you wish to mark a gallery using your own terminology you may use your Favorites Notes.
What fetish tags are officially accepted?
See the Fetish Listing.
Is there a list of every tag?
Not directly, but the vast majority can be checked via the My Tags UI by typing in the first few letters.
What do the borders around a tag mean?
Cumulative mod power of the tag, based on upvotes from users. It is not necessarily a reliable indicator of the tag's validity. Tags with dotted borders are not shown in gallery previews and are not searchable by default.
What do I do if I find a mistag that I can't downvote completely?
If you are certain that the tag is wrong post your reasoning in the mistagging thread.
Can I copy and paste in tags from another site?
No. Few other sites use the same tagging model and definitions as E-Hentai.
Can I copy and paste in tags from a raw gallery or translation?
No. Tags must be reviewed individually for each gallery to prevent mistakes from carrying over. If tags are inconsistent between the same galleries in different languages it likely means some are invalid. Use the mistagging thread as needed.
I added a language / reclass tag but the language or category did not change. What happened?
The tag must reach at least 100 power for the change to happen, which causes it to be "locked-in". Once the change happens withdrawing the tag will not cause a reversion unless there are conflicting language/reclass tags.
The language/reclass tag with the earliest locked-in time determines the change. In other words, to make a new language/reclass tag take effect, the existing solid tag must be downvoted to at least non-solid.
What do I do if can't use a tag in its proper namespace or see a tag that should be assigned one?
You may request new namespace assignments in this thread. For namespace re-assignment, go to this thread instead.


What kind of content can I upload to the galleries?
Any content that fits one of the categories and is not expungable (such as for being a duplicate or listed as Do-Not-Post) it is likely permitted.
Can I upload content such as lolicon?
Once tagged as such the system will handle such galleries automatically.
Do I have to tag my galleries in any way?
No, uploaders are free to do so but it is not an obligation.
Do I have to title my galleries in a certain way?
Following the naming guidelines is appreciated but not mandatory. Other users will petition for a rename as necessary.
Can I upload comics/sets without knowing their creator or source?
Yes but please indicate as such in the description so that other users can assist in finding and adding this information.
Can I put tags on a gallery before publishing it?
No, simply copy and paste the desired tags into the gallery shortly after publishing. There is a short delay before the gallery is listed to the public.
Donators could first publish the gallery as a private/unlisted one, then change it to a publicly listed category once they have added the tags.
What is the minimum number of images I need to include in a gallery?
Complete comics/sets have no strict requirement but generally anything under 4 images may not be worth creating a gallery. These must match whatever is distributed by the creator and cannot include unrelated images to "pad out" the gallery.
Ongoing works allow for any amount but it is recommended to wait until 4+ images can be included.
Imageset-style galleries require at least 8 images.
Can I delete a gallery that I uploaded for any reason?
No. Once published a gallery belongs to the community. Any attempts to circumvent this (or any attempts at falsely expunging) will result in a ban. The uploader's name may be permanently removed from the gallery by disowning it.
If I post an ongoing work can anyone else replace my gallery with a more complete one?
Yes, this is true for any time more core content is available. The only exceptions are for artists/translators posting their own work.
How long can I update a gallery?
Galleries can be updated indefinitely as long as the content added is valid and within the "bump limit". After 1 year without updates a gallery becomes "aged" and must be expunged and a new gallery chain must be created.
I'm an artist / translator, can I post my content if it was already posted?
As a content creator you have uploader priority and are free to replace anyone else's upload of your content at any time.
Why can't I see the gallery I just uploaded in search results?
If you upload a gallery on a brand new account, it may be screened manually before becoming visible. Otherwise, it may still be processing, or your tag filters are hiding it.


Do I need an account to use torrents?
Does my share ratio affect anything?
How often do my stats update?
Between 15 minutes to 4 hours depending on the server load.
Can I distribute torrents that I have made to other sites?
Yes, just be sure to use the public torrent and not the personalized one.
Why is seeding not giving me any GP?
Only seeding torrents that you created rewards GP.


Can other users add additional rewards to my bounties?
Yes. This does not grant them any saying on the bounty outcome and they must also keep in mind that bounty contents can be changed at any time unless there is a pending claim.
Why does my bounty addition not display in the Credit Log?
The bounty addition is older than 90 days or you have contributed Hath. Hath transactions will not appear in your Credit Log.
I have added an incorrect amount to a bounty but I can't withdraw it anymore. What gives?
You may only withdraw additions to your own bounties within 15 minutes to prevent abuse. If you have changed your mind later on, you must cancel the bounty and make a new one. Please be careful as you cannot cancel claimed bounties.
Accidental additions to bounties made by other users that were not withdrawn in time can be rescinded after a month and will also be refunded if the bounty is removed.
Attempting to circumvent any of this may result in a ban at the administrator and Bounty Moderator's discretion.
Do bounties expire?
Yes, bounties expire after 30 days unless they are topped up by at least 1 Hath or 5,000 Credits. As long as this is done, a bounty can last indefinitely.
You will automatically receive a PM from the Gallery System service account shortly before this happens.
Do bounties automatically get accepted once the dispute period is over?
No, unless rejected and disputed, they will stay on hold until the Bounty Poster gets to it. Please contact them if they have been sitting there for too long. If all else fails, please contact Tenboro and be patient.
What do I do in case of a dispute?
PM Tenboro. There are no other moderators for bounties.


What do I do if I see spammers in the comments section?
Please post the gallery link (and if possible the alleged URLs; use [code][/code] BBcode to contain them) in this thread. You are free to downvote them as well. Comments become permanently hidden if they reach -100 power along with a veto holder's or gallery owner's downvote. These comments cannot be made visible again.
Why can't see I see my comment(s)?
Aside from perma-hidden comments, galleries with a lot of comments will only show the highest rated or most recent ones by default. Use the "Show Hidden Comments" link at the bottom of the page.
Users are posting source or information links relating to the gallery's content, is this considered appropriate?
Yes, tables of contents and gallery source are considered helpful information and should be upvoted if accurate.
Links to unrelated galleries are not appropriate and should be downvoted instead unless the comment makes it clear it was made in good faith in regards to the gallery's content.
Can I post multiple comments on a gallery?
Yes. It is however encouraged to only comment once and then edit the comment to avoid clogging up the comment field. A last edit timestamp will be appended if more than 15 minutes have passed since the comment's posting time.
Can I both comment and vote on comments?
No. A gallery's uploader can technically do so using the description field. As soon as you post a comment you lose the ability to vote on others for that gallery so be mindful. Please do not attempt to circumvent this as this may lead to a comment ban.
Why can't I vote even though I have no visible comment?
You are either banned from commenting or the comments you posted were hidden because of their content. Perma-hidden comments count as valid comments and towards a comment ban.
You may comment again with a proper comment if you wish to do so but repeating similar comments to those that have been heavily downvoted will quickly lead to a comment ban.
I am not banned from commenting, yet my comment upvotes/downvotes don't have any effect. Why?
You have downvoted far too often or upvoted the same user repeatedly. Please spread your upvotes accordingly and downvote sparingly.
Why did my comment upvotes/downvotes disappear? Why is the value not equal to my power value?
Posting a comment will remove all existing votes in a gallery. Additionally, they are not retroactive and you must vote again for it to happen. Bear in mind this may end up lowering your vote. See below for downvote caps.
Why are my comment downvotes capped?
They are capped to 30 (40 for high base users) power to prevent abuse.

Privacy / Security

Can I use Tor, a proxy, or a VPN to view the galleries?
Yes[1] but be mindful that some IP addresses have been abused in the past and thus are banned.
Am I liable for copyright infringement for content that I post?
Absolutely not. No entities besides E-Hentai and copyright holder(s) are involved in any such matters.
Is my IP recorded when I view a gallery?
For gallery stat purposes it is stored very briefly on the server's RAM.
"If you don't actively mark a gallery in any way, the site forgets that you even visited within three minutes or so" - Tenboro, Sept. 2015
Is my IP recorded when I submit anything?
Yes, any publicly visible content (galleries, torrents, bounties, comments, forum posts, etc.) will record the IP used to submit it at the time of submission/edit.
Is there anything that would get me reported to any authorities?
Only posting child pornography causes this.
"Unless the answer to the question "are you fapping to actual children?" is true, no one gives a flying fuck what you are fapping to, fap your fucking brains out" - Tenboro, Jan. 2018
Do the H@H clients that serve images to me remember what I've viewed?
Yes, but this is largely temporary and requires the client to have logging enabled. This is especially true for clients with very high traffic.
It is possible to have images not be served by the H@H cluster using your My Settings page. Bear in mind there is a stricter image limit when requesting images directly from the servers.
Does the system track my searching history?
My account has been suspended as it was compromised! Can I ask for the account to be restored?
No. We can't confirm whether the user has truly regained access to their account, or it is just an imposter.
You are responsible for the security of your account. Please make sure to use a unique strong password and change it regularly.


How do I know if I've been banned?
Users are typically only banned from the singular subsystem (e.g. tagging) in which they have excessively broken the rules. Such users will receive an explicit pop-up notification whenever they attempt to use the applicable subsystem. Any other messages received are technical in nature and do not indicate an active ban.
For the "Your IP address has been temporarily banned" message see here.
Are there automated bans?
Having numerous uploads expunged (not counting replacement expunges) within a short timeframe results in a temporary upload ban. All other bans require a moderator's action and are permanent.
What can I do if I've been banned?
Certain bans may only be appealed once the user earnestly participates with the community and illustrates a sincere and thorough understanding of the rules. This is best done by aiding in the following forum threads:
Tag ban - Tagging Abuse thread.
Expunge ban - Expunging/Appealing thread.
Rename ban - Renaming/Reclassing thread.
My ban was lifted, is it possible to get banned again?
Yes, recidivism is not acceptable. Users are rarely granted second chances so squandering them can lead to an immutable total ban. Furthermore, any attempts to create new accounts for any reason will lead to IP [range] bans.

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