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The Bazaar is the primary area for buying, selling, exchanging, and mailing goods within the HentaiVerse.

Note: If the "ACCEPT" button cannot be seen at the bottom of the page it means that the HentaiVerse window is too small. If the window size cannot be increased players must either scroll down (using the arrow keys) or zoom out (Ctrl + -) until it becomes visible.

Equipment Shop

The Equipment found here comes solely from players that sold them to the bazaar; it does not generate any equipment on its own. Some equipment will be deleted When quantities are too high by the system after 15 minutes (faster if it's obsolete or of below Average quality). The credit value of any piece of equipment is determined primarily by its tier (armor only), followed by its base PXP, followed by its prefixes/suffixes. The selling price of any piece of equipment is ~20% of its buying price.

Clicking on the padlock (padlock open.png -> padlock closed.png) next to a piece of equipment prevents it from being sold or sent via MoogleMail as well as other restrictions that prevent changes to it.

  • Note: Any currently slotted equipment cannot be sold even if it is unlocked. This applies across all equip sets on each persona.

Equipment marked in red is higher level than the player and must be soulfused before being used.

Any equipment purchased from the bazaar becomes untradeable and locked. Any Equipment that is untradeable and sold can be bought back only by its owner within 24 hours. The buyback cost is 5 times the normal buy cost or 10k credits, whichever is higher.

Item Shop

Items marked in green are of unlimited supply; all other goods available at the bazaar were sold to it by players and thus are finite (up to 9,999). Items may be purchased in any number as a player's credits and the stock amounts allow (up to 99,999 per transaction).

If any item shop bots have been set by other players then selling items to the shop will grant 50% of the profit between the sale value and the effective price. These profits will be shown in the player's credits log.

Players with the Coupon Clipper Hath Perk make purchases at a 10% discount.

All values are in credits:

Item Sale Value Cost to Buy


Health Draught 1 25
Mana/Spirit Draught 2 50
Health Potion 2 50
Mana/Spirit Potion 4 100
Health Elixir 20 500
Mana/Spirit Elixir 40 1,000
Energy Drink 200 5,000
Last Elixir 200 5,000


(Any) 8 200


Absorption 4 100
Swiftness / Protection / Shadows 8 200
Life 12 300
Avatar 20 500
Gods 32 800


Soul Fragment 1 1,000


(Any) 1 10


Monster Chow 1 15
Monster Edibles 1 30
Monster Cuisine 1 50
Happy Pills 20 2,000


(Any Low-Grade) 2 200
(Any Mid-Grade) 10 1,000
(Any High-Grade) 50 5,000
(Any Scrap) 1 100
Energy Cell 1 200
(Any Rares) 100 10,000
(Any Bindings) 10 1,000
Wispy Catalyst 1 100
Diluted Catalyst 5 500
Regular Catalyst 10 1,000
Robust Catalyst 25 2,500
Vibrant Catalyst 50 5,000
Coruscating Catalyst 100 10,000


Voidseeker / Featherweight 10 1,000
Aether / Amnesia 50 5,000


Flower Vase 200 N/A


Precursor Artifact 2,000 10,000


(Any Boss-class) 100 500
Lock of Blue Hair 150 750
Bunny-Girl Costume, Hinamatsuri Doll, Broken Glasses, Bronze Coupon 200 1,000
Silver Coupon 400 2,000
Gold Coupon 600 3,000
(Any God-class), Platinum Coupon 1,000 5,000


(Any) 10,000 50,000

Item Shop Bots

Item shop bots can be set to automatically buy items from bazaar. The minimum buying prices do not necessarily reflect those of the bazaar. Items are bought blind as the maximum bids are kept hidden.

  • Effective cost of item:
    • When the player is the sole buyer, the effective price equals the minimum bid
    • When the player has the sole highest bid, the effective price equals the second highest bid plus one credits
    • When multiple players have the highest bid, the winner is randomly chosen and the effective price equals the highest bid
    • If the item was sold by the same player, their bid will be ignored.


  • The bot cannot buy any items of unlimited stock, special items, figurines, tickets, or Obsolete Items.
  • The bot won't buy items already in the Bazaar when the order is set up.
  • Quantities are capped at 65,535 per item.
  • The bot order expires when:
    • The player runs out of credits needed to make a purchase
    • The specified amount of items has been bought

Monster Lab

Used to create and upgrade custom monsters that fight in battles and bring gifts to their owner.

The Shrine

Allows for the trading of artifacts and trophies for various rewards.


Used for sending messages, credits, hath, items, and Equipment to other players in the HentaiVerse.


Awards various daily prizes at the cost of betting GP.

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