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An example gallery in the classic E-Hentai Galleries.

Note that this feature is largely obsolete.

An official gallery that have been published on the Main E-Hentai Site. Not to be confused with user-contributed galleries. See the E-Hentai User Gallery System.


The E-Hentai main gallery system is the primary means in which the site delivers its material to its visitors. Each gallery provides a set amount of information of each gallery, which includes:

  • Gallery Name: This often includes:
    • Series: The anime, manga, or video game that the gallery material is based on.
    • Circle: The primary group of artists that contributed to the creation of the gallery material.
    • Language: The primary language the gallery pages are written in (where applicable).
  • Posted: The date in which the gallery was posted on to the main site.
  • Images: The number of images in the gallery.
  • Size: The filesize in megabytes.
  • Uploader: The user that is attributed to the upload.

Features of an E-Hentai Gallery

A large number of the sites features are linked to these galleries. Those directly included are: