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The gallery manager is where users may undertake various actions with their uploaded galleries.

Your Galleries

Galleries uploaded may be placed into folders for more organization. This is purely for the owner and has no effect on how published galleries are seen by other users.

The table displays the following:

  • Gallery Folder
  • Gallery Name (sortable)
  • Date Added (sortable)
  • File Count
  • Gallery Category
  • Available Actions


Type Available Actions
View Stats Manage Delete Publish Disown
Unpublished Galleries
Published Galleries

Galleries can be sorted further into user-made folders (otherwise they will be in an Unsorted folder), however they will still be segregated based on the types listed above.

Available Actions

All actions that change a gallery require saving.

Links to the gallery's URL.
Displays the number of visit and hits an individual gallery has received and if it ever achieved a spot on the gallery Toplist.
For changing the name(s), description, category, and folder of a gallery. For adding/reordering images to a gallery; published galleries require cloning and unlocking beforehand.
Deletes the gallery entirely. Only possible with unpublished or private galleries.
Makes the gallery publicly available.
Removes the uploader's username from the gallery. For newly published galleries; the username will not be removed until 1 week has passed since the gallery publish date, but will be faded until then. Will immediately remove the gallery from the gallery manager and prevent the gallery from being updated again.
  • Note: Accidentally disowning a gallery may be reverted by clicking "Report Gallery", selecting "Reversion/Split/Undisown Request", and filling in the form.
This checkbox allows users to re-categorize or change the folder of the selected galleries all at once.

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