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The gallery description is the area where uploaders may leave any text to describe their gallery.


  • Searchable.
  • Can be left blank.
  • Can use the following BBCode:
    • Bold, Underline, Strike-through, and Italic.
    • URL for forum or gallery links.
    • IMG for static thumbnail image links within the galleries.
  • Can be freely edited via the Gallery Manager at any time. This does not formally update the gallery or change its timestamp.
  • The first line of it is shown above the gallery's tag section. Clicking on this will bring the user to the top of the comments section where the full description is visible.

Helpful To Indicate

  • Links to related works (other versions, other chapters/volumes, same artist, similar fetishes, etc.)
  • Links to informational websites (e.g. Mugimugi, DLsite, DMM, etc.)
  • Links to the creator's website or equivalent (e.g. Pixiv).
  • Links to the translator / scanner's website or IRC channel.
  • Index of contents for Anthologies or other larger magazines (artist names and page numbers; story titles and direct links to the pages are even better).
  • If the uploader is the artist or translator.
  • Direct download links (please be sure to remove / update these if necessary).
  • Any information about the story, especially if the text is not included in the gallery's pictures.
    • Note that for tagging purposes such text does not constitute taggable information.
  • If there is anything missing / to be added later.
  • If the gallery was updated - What was added / changed.
  • CG sets - If there are quasi-multiples of the same images and why (e.g. different resolutions, certain costumes, dark skin, etc.)

Not Helpful To Indicate

  • That the uploader does not own any of the images; this is unnecessary and has no legal bearing even when indicated.
  • Links to websites not indicated above.
  • The category or any tags already taggable on the gallery; this is redundant.
    • Keywords that are NOT taggable for any reason are helpful.
  • The title (except for any alternative titles that weren't included in the gallery's name).

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