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These are the categories that user galleries may fall under. Users who upload can select their gallery's category before uploading and change any gallery's category at any time via their Gallery Manager interface. Categories may be changed by other users via the tagging system.


Doujinshi Doujinshi.png

Commonly self-published H-manga of asian origin, usually containing panels and text, that are very often based off of or parody formalized content sources. Such sources include anime, manga, video games, and other products that have recognizable characters or mascots (such as the synthesizer Vocaloid). Does NOT refer to western comics even if they follow the same format.

Manga Manga.png

H-Manga or just Manga for short in the context used on this site, are published works almost always of original content by an asian artist or circle. Also includes any artbooks containing pornographic material. It is common to see multiple H-manga serialized in larger magazines.

Artist CG Artistcg.png

Computer generated artwork sets, often singular images without panels in full color that appear less hand-drawn and have more detailed backgrounds. Does NOT refer to a batch of various works from a single artist; the images must be a particular set which is sold or distributed as such.

Game CG Gamecg.png

Computer generated work, often frames from Eroge (erotic games), and tend to have a very large number of images for a gallery. Does NOT refer to images of video game characters or in-game screenshots of video games.

Western Western.png

All drawn art of a pornographic nature and of western origin whether they are images or comics.

Non-H Non-h.png

Anime / manga-style drawings that are NOT pornographic in nature (a single image featuring sex automatically disqualifies a gallery from being in this category). Nudity is permitted if it is non-sexual in nature. The Western equivalent of this is the Miscellaneous category. Does NOT permit any licensed materials of any kind.

Image Set Imageset.png

Image Sets are a generic gallery. They are largely for drawn content of Japanese origin but that are not Manga or Doujinshi. Images within such galleries are preferred to have a singular theme (e.g. a particular artist, a particular series' character(s), or a particular fetish).

Cosplay Cosplay.png

Real people who dress up as characters in anime, manga, and video games for general posing (non-nude galleries are acceptable) or for sexual purposes. Dressing up as generic nurses or maids and not as characters does not count.[1]

Miscellaneous Misc.png

Mostly the dumping place for unrelated content. Sometimes this category is used for very small galleries, or is commonly misused when another category is more appropriate. All of the following fall under this category:

  • 3D galleries
  • Non-pornographic western galleries
  • Figure/figurine galleries
  • Paperchild galleries

The amount of GP earned from these galleries is reduced to 25% of what an uploader would usually receive.

Private Private.png

In order to create a private gallery, a user must either have a Bronze Star or higher. Alternatively, they must have at least 100 posts on the forums, outside of the Free Speech Zone and Test subforums.

Though not a formal category, private galleries are galleries that the user has opted not to share with the rest of the E-Hentai Gallery community. They are often personal galleries, re-uploads of other galleries that the user wanted for themselves, galleries they only want their friends to visit, etc. The amount of GP earned from private galleries is reduced to 10% of what an uploader would usually receive.

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Note that the "Doujinshi" definition isn't complete; e.g. story galleries from Pixiv also qualify.

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