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This page is meant as a guide for those wishing to translate pages of this wiki. Thank you in advance for your volunteerism!


  • The following languages are acceptable. E-H doesn't cultivates an audience outside of the languages the galleries offer.
  • Much like the rest of the wiki translations are done entirely at one's leisure. There is no obligation to be complete, follow any order of articles, or maintain translations once they are made.
  • Translated articles don't need to perfectly mirror their English equivalents, especially those that update frequently.
  • A translated article's category should only be its language.


All articles must be saved as "{articlename}/{languagename}". Translating the page name itself can be done only at the top of the page.


In Demand


  1. Japanese
  2. Chinese
  3. Spanish
  4. Korean
  5. French
  6. Russian
  7. German
  8. Italian
  9. Portuguese
  10. Thai


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  2. Donation
  3. Technical Issues‏‎
  4. Gallery Tagging‏‎
  5. Expunging‏‎
  6. Hentai@Home‏‎
  7. E-Hentai User Gallery System‏‎
  8. Credits
  9. Reporting