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VIP positions are delegated based on a user's expertise, diligence, and willingness to help make E-Hentai a better place. All moderators follow a chain of command from junior to senior to Tenboro. VIPs may, on a case-by-case basis, defer their judgements to non-VIPs who possess more expertise.

Name Power Forum Mod IRC Op EHWiki Admin Tag Mod Gallery Mod Additional
Grouping Vetoing Checking
3d0xp0xy 32 Inactive
Alpha 7 45 Semi-Retired
Beryl 21
binglo 61
blue penguin 40
chaos-x 34
danixxx 47
dnbdave 28
elgringo 54 Jr. Rename Mod
etothex 36 Inactive
freudia 32 JP-EN
jenga201 36
kitsuneH 17 Inactive
Luna_Flina 35 JP-EN
Maximum_Joe 64 Sr. Rename Mod
mdhbysut 45 Jr. QC Mod
Mrsuperhappy 25
nonotan 32
ohmightycat 36 Inactive
pop9 67 JP-EN
Rikis 29 Inactive
Rinnosuke M. 23
Spectre 51 Sr. QC Mod
TheGreyPanther 50
varst 41 Sr. NTR Mod


Position Capabilities
Gallery Moderation Lock and de-expunge capabilities.
NTR Moderation Make judgement calls on infidelity tags.
QC Moderation Make judgement calls on gallery superiority.
Rename Moderation Make judgement calls on renaming.
JP-EN Heightened trust on Japanese-English translations/transliterations.
Tag Moderation - Check View any user's or galleries' tag histories.
Tag Moderation - Group Set slaves, masters, blocks, and aliases. Assign possible namespaces for any given tag.
Tag Moderation - Veto Downvote tags at full power. Negate any tag when 3 veto users downvote the same tag.

Currently Seeking

Updated: 2017-01-07

  • [1] Jr. NTR Mod
  • [1] Jr. QC Mod
  • [2] CN-EN (Chinese/English) Translators
  • [1] KR-EN (Korean/English) Translator