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The following are guidelines for consistency in wiki article formatting and presentation.


  • Placeholders in formulas and other areas should use curly braces around the term.
  • All sentences should end with proper punctuation if possible.
  • Digit grouping (thousands separator) should use commas.
  • Lists use serial commas.


  • Whenever the year is irrelevant use abbreviated shorthand Mmm. DD (e.g. Jan. 29).
  • Whenever the day is irrelevant use abbreviated shorthand Mmm. YYYY (e.g. Jan. 2008).
  • Otherwise dates should follow the ISO 8601 standard YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 2008-01-29).
  • Times should be in 24-hour format.
  • Relative times should use UTC.
  • The term "30 days" should be used in place of "month" in any area where it is more accurate (most E-H processes).


  • Links to galleries must be in e format (Multi-Page Viewer and Lo-Fi notwithstanding).
  • Any text which is naturably linkable to an article should be linked (e.g. any mention of the word equipment).
    • Exceptions:
      • Any instances which would lead to articles linking to themselves.
      • Redundant linking; e.g. the same term mentioned 2+ times in one sentence.
  • Links should use HTTPS whenever possible.
  • URLs should be all lowercase.
  • References should use the linked text (Ref) and are in superscript; footnotes are unnecessary.
    • Pages with multiple references may abstain from using any link text.


  • Should use the wikitable class.


  • Should use the <pre> template (<pre<includeonly></includeonly> style="overflow: auto;{{{style|}}}">{Formula}</pre>).
  • The term being solved (if shown) should be at the beginning and bolded.
  • Explanations for terms should be kept outside the <pre> area (unless also a formula).

Unconfirmed Data

  • Information that is estimated/uncofirmed should be marked with "(?)"
  • Conflicting or obsolete information should be hidden if not removed.
  • Opinions are to kept in discussion pages.


  • All phrasing should be in the neutral third person.
  • All non-English articles use the same titles as their English counterparts appended with forward slash and the language used (e.g. Credits/Spanish).