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  • All below characters can appear in Fate Grand Order. Most appear in only one other series, usually the one they debuted in.
  • Most Saber characters have an identical or very similar face.
  • Characters are not limited to the listed attire, and are for reference of what is canon or commonly worn.
Name Slaved Tags (notable aliases) Debut Series Notes / Common Attire
saber arturia pendragon fate stay night The original Saber. Wears a blue and white armour [1] a blue dress with similar theming [2], or a blue skirt with white shirt and blue ribbon [3] . In Fate/Zero she occasionally wears a black suit [4]. Blue dress with a white shirt and blue ribbon.

Has an ahoge, hair tied into a bun with blue ribbon, and green eyes.

saber alter [5]
(black saber, dark saber)
fate stay night The corrupted version of Saber. Wears black metal armour [link to add], or a black gothic dress [link to add]. Her eyes are golden, unlike the original sabers green. Wears a visor [link to add].
"Santa Saber" [link to add] is a variant tagged as saber alter + f:christmas.
artoria pendragon [6] fate grand order Lancer. Wears a gold crown [link to add], is a more mature version of saber with a more curvaceous body and when let down has longer hair [link to add]. Wears full plate silver and blue armour [link to add] and a wolf stylized helmet. [link to add if not covered by previous]
artoria pendragon alter [7] fate grand order Corrupted Lancer. Wears black and dark indigo armor and helmet with draconic theming. Her hair and skin is paler than artoria pendragon. [8] [9]
artoria pendragon rider alter fate grand order Wears a 2 piece bikini stylized as a maid uniform, often with an opened jacket with hood ([10]). Also known to wear a back halter neck bikini with diamond front cutout and ruched skirt ([11]), as well as a blue dress with oversized trench coat ([12]).
saber lily [13] fate grand order Wears white armour [link to add] or a white dress [link to add]. Hair tied in a ponytail with black ribbon. [14] [15]
mordred pendragon [16]
(saber of red)
fate apocrypha Tomboyish.
red saber [17]
(nero claudius caesar augustus germanicus, extra saber)
fate extra Red dress.
nero claudius bride [18] fate grand order White dress and a wreath.
souji okita [19]
(sakura saber)
fate grand order Kimono.
altera [20]
(attila the hun)
fate grand order Dark skin, white hair, body tattoos.
mysterious heroine x fate grand order Short shorts, cap. [21] [22]
mysterious heroine x alter fate grand order Glasses and plain clothing. [23] [24]

A Dance With Dragons


  • Minimum Lvl:300
  • Maximum Lvl:500

Rewards and Notes

  • First Clear: 50,000 C
  • Future Clears: 1000 C
  • All clears: Tier 7 trophy
  • EXP Mod: 3.0
  • Grants the Dovahkiin title
  • Locked at PFUDOR difficulty

Round Composition

  • Total Monsters: 785
  • Rounds: 1 - 27
    • Common Monsters: 37
  • Rounds: 38-74
    • Common Monsters: 3
    • Legendary Monsters: 1
  • Rounds: 75-87
    • Common Monsters: 3
    • Legendary Monsters: 2
  • Rounds: 88-112
    • Common Monsters: 4
    • Legendary Monsters: 2
  • Rounds: 113-137
    • Common Monsters: 5
    • Legendary Monsters: 3
  • Rounds: 138-149
    • Common Monsters: 6
    • Legendary Monsters: 3
  • Round: 150
    • Ultimate Monsters: 3