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Current Status

RETIRED (will remove this if I eventually could come back)


Personal Tagging page

EHwiki 主页 // Chinese ver. Main page of EHwiki

My uploads

Faviour Character: Shana


My EH activity priority list:

priority activity
1st EN-CN ehwiki translation
2nd-3rd upload/vigilante/cleanup
4th chat in forum
bottom play hentaiverse



Looking for a volunteer to help find any typo/improperly used word in Chinese wiki page. Any native ChineseTR user or proficient Traditional Chinese user are welcome.



  • Translating To Do:
    • Trying to keep most Chinese gallery-related pages up-to-date.
    • Finishing translate all on Fetish-listing
    • Update Hentaiverse related pages (low low prior)
  • Wiki Editing To Do
    • Help creating character pages(low prior, maybe will do this once per month)
  • Tagging To Do:
    • tag other:"extrnaeous ads" of galleries posted before 2022
    • tag gallery with sufficient halo characters in Doujinshi, ArtistCGs, (rest long galleries due to their nature, they are usually skipped)
    • Start 5000 valid tags (currently ~3500)
  • Working on the braid tag.
  • make more catgirl banners

Created Template





Created pages

E-Hentai / 画廊 / 制作画廊 / 我的画廊 / 赏金系统 / EHTracker / Hentai@Home / 画廊FAQ / 玻璃心 / 认领一个服务器 / 货币系统 / 画廊分类 / 搜索系统 / 档案下载 / Downloading/Chinese / EHwiki 主页 / 标签机制 / 创建新标签

Notes and Memos



FetishListing translating progress:

  • Change


  • Creature

not yet started

    • animal

not yet started

  • Height

not yet started

  • Skin

not yet started

  • Weight

not yet started

New tag suggestion: Braid

Type:Attribute / Visual
subtype1=Hair Description: Hairs are divided into 3 boundles, crossed over and twisted together. Usually With visible rope-like patterns.
Note: Major hair must be braided to qualify. Braided hair must have more than 2 fold at the ligation.
Gender: Gender of the one with braided hair determines if the tag is placed in the female or male namespace.
Slave Tags: Female, Male

New tag suggestion: Extremely long hair

Type:Attribute / Visual
Description: A participant's hair is long enough to touch the ground while they are standing or sitting.
Note:requires very long hair
Gender: The gender of the one with lengthy hair determines if the tag is placed in the female or male namespace.
Slave Tags: Female, Male

Recent Update

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For other people's usage:

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  • (17) Enbatsu Shakugan no Shana - Humanoid - PL 2250 ☆-
  • (1) Rose Le Verrier - Celestial - PL 825 ☆5
  • (7) Elsa Novem - Beast - PL 824 ☆5
  • (8) Fanaril Ney - Humanoid - PL 795 ☆5
  • (3) Hinano Nasu - Beast - PL 756 ☆5